Webber Naturals Wild Alaskan Salmon et huile de poisson

4,5 5 0 48 48 Favorise la santé cardiovasculaire et la fonction cognitive. Contient des acides gras essentiels pour une bonne santé. Effacer entérique softgel technologie améliore les capacités d'absorption et empêche l'arrière-goût fishy.
Webber Naturals Wild Alaskan Salmon et huile de poisson


Perfect way to supplement
I consume a lot of omega 6 and in order to counteract all the 6 I purchased the Webber Omega 3 supplements. They are easy to take and I don’t have any fishy aftertaste. Usually I take one before every meal. These Webber Omega 3 supplements are made with high quality ingredients and are a great product to supplement with.
Daily omega 3
Great product. I use this every day with my other suppliments. Doesn't have the fishy aftertaste in the pill form.
Excellent product
My whole family love this product. I also purchase this everytime i send package back home. Everybody want me to buy this. It doesnt have a fishy taste and its easy to swallow.
Great for overall health
I purchased this to help with joints and little did i know that fish oil is a natural anti inflammatory! My knee and joint pain is reduces to half after only 3 weeks
Using this for 6 month
No fish after taste and really have noticed a difference in my health. I look for smaller capsules tho. I have a hard time swallowing the bigger ones.
We use this often for ourselves but makes a huge difference in our 10 year old newfoundland dog. Added a littler pep in his step
My fish capsules
I have been taking it for 2 months now...it really do makes a difference in your body..I really love Webber brand for medications...
Have been using these for the past 6 months. Have seen a huge positive difference.
Omega fish 🐟
Use this daily, like as no fishy after taste. Easy to swallow, great quality product.
good for heart health
Webber naturals have excellent products and are reasonably priced too. I buy the salmon and omega oils from them
Salmon Fish oils
I’ve been on this product for years. Haven’t noticed any significant change in my body while taking the product. Perhaps if ceased to in-jest for a bit I could find a significant reason to continue. More habit now than anything else.
This product I take daily for many reasons but my main one is for my eyes. It was recommend by my eye dr and researched it and became aware of the many benefots of taking this daily. Thanks to my Dr 😀
Excellent results
I used it for 4 months regularly and feeling am amazing difference in my health
I’ll take all the added brain power I can get
I love these supplements and appreciate the added boost they give my mind and body. The pills are a bit large but very easy to swallow and have minimal fishy after taste/burps.
Daily staple
Great trusted brand and product. Only fish supplements I have purchased the last few years. These fish oil supplements come in gel packs which makes them pretty easy to swallow. No fishy aftertaste or burps. The only thing I would like to see is an option that includes chlorophyll or lemon.


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