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Yoplait&#7481;&#7472;  Yopa!<sup>MC</sup>Yogourt grec brassé
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So good, so creamy, so smooth and thick. Really love this, I buy it as a treat when it's on sale.
Really delicious
I love this product. I use it for yogurt parfaits. I try to buy it when it’s on sale to make it more cost effective. It feels good knowing that I’m giving my family healthy dairy products. Really tasty!
This is my favourite brand of Greek yogurt - think, creamy, not too sweet (vanilla), nutritious.
I enjoy this product, have and will buy it. Has great flavours.
I tried this product and really love the thick texture and flavours you can choose from. I liked that this company had greek yogurt flavours that you can't find with others so it gives a nice variety
I have tried this product and really loved the creamy texture with the distinct aroma of vanilla and just added some fruit .
I have tried this product in the lemon flavor (which has 2% fat), and it is one of my favorites. I have really enjoyed it, but sometimes have trouble finding it in the stores. It's fairly thick, like standard greek yogurt, and it tastes delicious. It's well worth trying.
I love greek yogurt and was not disappointed by this purchase. Sometimes the fat free brands have an odd flavour, but not this one! They claim vanilla bean and, when you peel open a package, you better believe the colour isn't white but a nicer cream colour with dark flecks; this is what I would expect if it had vanilla bean in it. I didn't check the ingredients to see if vanilla bean was actually an ingredient (if it isn't, well played yoplait). Great taste and very satisfying. I would definitely buy this again!
I just bought the blueberry and WOW! Love the taste and love the nutrition in this. Great for a late night or early morning snack to avoid overeating :)
very good. i had the strawberry. greek yogurt is expensive though!! i wish the containers were bigger!
Great flavor especially the Key lime. Very satisfying with the protien. Thsi is a great flavor and brand!
I've become infatuated with greek yogurt recently and have tried a number of different brands. Yopa is one of the better yogurts I've tried. I find it light for a greek yogurt, but heavier then a normal yogurt. For people who might be thrown by the texture that comes with some greek yogurts, this is a good step in the right direction. It has a good selection of flavours as well.
Yopa n'est pas mon yogourt grec préféré mais j'apprécie toute de même ses saveursvariées. Yoplait est une marque de confiance
Love the thick greek yogurts as it keeps me fuller longer. Most importantly Yopa taste good.
Excellent Yogurt! However, if cholesterol is a problem for you, should check amount on yogurt container - varies brand to brand, flavor to flavor.


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