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Yoplait&#7481;&#7472;  Yopa!<sup>MC</sup>Yogourt grec brassé
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This yogurt was ok. IT had a somewhat grainy kind of a texture we find with some Greek yogurts. I would prefer it to have a bit of fat as it would be more filling and my daughter needs the milk fat in her diet. Not sure we would buy again or not.
tres bon j aime le gout grec
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Love yogurt and this tastes so good. Love the different flavors it comes in
Love it! We`ve always been lovers of Greek Yogurt and this one doesn`t disappoint!
This yogurt is super delicious! It`s a great easy protein snack to have between meals or when you have a craving for something sweet.
i was not a fan of this yogurt, yogurt is a staple in our house and we are pretty quick to try a new one but the i found the flavour of this yogurt to be a fake over processed vanilla flavour, will not be purchasing again. ended up mixing it with out other flavours to make it palatable
I you want to eat healty this yogourt is great but I would not eat it every day cause I prefer yogourt with more fat in it.
I love Greek yogurt(even before it became the cool thing)I just didnt like these particular one. It may have been the flavour, but the texture was off as well.
Just bought this yesterday and love it. First time I tried greek yogurt!
Great yogurt. I hope there are more flavours to come.
Je suis une maniaque de yogourt et je l`ai beaucoup apprécier.
Love Greek yogurt, but didn`t enjoy this one. It might have been the flavour??
J`ai bien aimé, car ça avait bon gout.! J`en achèterais sans problème régulièrement.
I am a greek yogurt addict and love Yoplait products, so I was excited to try YOPA. I must say, I am not a fan. The texture was not what I expected it to be and I found that it left a chalky feeling in my mouth. I won`t be buying this product again.


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