4 5 0 35 35 Assam’s Second Flush Chai is a classic; a perfect tea for the ever indulging kadak Indian chai. The full bodied tea, beaming in its golden-crimson hues, brews a brisk cup of rich malty flavours.
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Assam chai
The Assam special chai is purely indulge with all goodness of a tea which is good for the health,good for the heart. And also it is very strong which release all the stress of our body on drinking.
Tastly and refreshing.price is high. Teat lovers must try
I would like to have its sample plz send me .i want to give it a try.
I like tea. I would like to try this product. Please send samples.after tried I will give review.
It seems interesting and with great taste . Would like to try this Assam tea and give my honest review. So please send me samples to try .
It seems to be a good product as company didn't print any celebrity photos on pack it means product quality is good which don't require any celebrity to promote it !! So I must try it if I got a chance to taste it !!! My wishes are with tea manufacturer for this Tea leaves
No I haven't tried this Tea but would like to give it a try if sample provided to me.
I would like to hv sample of irplz send meoneso I can write review on i
No I haven't tried this Tea but would like to give it a try if sample provided to me.
Yes, I would like to try this tea. Please send samples quickly. I'm interested to try this product. I like tea only anytime...
I am a chai lover &I like to try different types of tea so please send me the sample of this
Assam tea is the best ....pls send me the sample to try
I am very interested and tasted the many flavours of Chai and these morning drinks can give freshness I referred most of my colleagues some Chaibrands if u send the sample pack to me I'll tasted and give best review and as well as to refer to my colleagues. Please send the sample pack
I would like to review that tea.. but not tried yet..
Not tried dis product..dis day s a regular taste tea or different one..

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