4.6 5 0 98 98 A little sweet. A lot delicious. Cinnamon Burst is a unique take on New Orleans Iced Coffee, brewed with cinnamon and a tiny hint of chicory. The result is a smooth velvety coffee that tastes so good, especially with milk.
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good in taste
rich and good flavor with cinnamon taste good , feel fresh after drinking
Very good
It was excellent hjdjdjdjfjfjndnsnnamansbvdbdbfbfnfbfjfjisjsbjzidjajbxsjiuushqhdb jdjdjdjfnfngnnsnsbsjjnmkk
Tastes real good
Been a coffee lover myself for long. Happened to taste this cinnamon flavoured coffee for the first time. Hesitant at first to try it, but when I sipped it the first time, it felt different. I liked it. Moreover it’s cinnamon - so it’s healthy
Excellent Best in range Healthy and tasty Worth of money Not comparable
Cinnamony coffee
After enjoying cinnamon tea at Srilanka, I have tried this product first of its flavour in india first time , it's really heart charming flavour I can call it " cinnamony coffee ". I have no words about it , it's really really very special taste for coffee lovers !!!
I ma trying to this product in that type of site so I am trying to this product
I not use this brand please refer me are you through gold
I ma trying to this product in that type of site so I am trying to this product
It is high quality rich coffee plz send me to try it
I am a coffee lover. Would like to try this cold brew coffee cinnamon burst. Please send me the sample for testing
I am always coffee but only nescafe i never heard this coffee brand please give me sample this coffee to taste a new brand coffee.
I am also try this new coffee brand.
I would love to try this product,Since I am a Die-heart Coffee lover,especially Cinnamon flavoured coffee.HometesterClub kindly send me a free sample of this product for trial,will definitely rate it after trial.
i love coffee and this sure would be a good one would definately love to try it.
I never heard about this product I usually use bhi/nestle but atleast once I need to taste it ...please offer some sample...

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