4.5 5 0 49 49 Quinoa nachos made by using nutritious super grains with Chia & flax seeds and blended with corn will provide a deliciously healthy snacking option for all the nacho lovers.
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Nice Taste
Tried this When I was looking for other Nacho brand. I bought this one as the one I was looking for was not in stock. So I got this one. It tasted good with simple corn flavor. Simple yet better.
Crispy Quinoa Nachos
love and like it and all its flavours.but it can put more herbs to makes flavor and taste better..
Liked it
liked it, can put more herbs to makes flavour and taste better
Superb snaks
I like it and all its flavours too.I have tried it and use to have it in snacks at evening or while watching movie.Its tasty and crunchy and loved it a lot...
Tasty crunchy
It tastes good and healthy too.save time for quick meal
Awesome Taste
Best snack item to munch it on anytime you feel hungry. I tried this product and I loved it
Healtheir Snacks
For your small hunger pangs this is a complete solution. Healthy and tasty baked snacks
I have tried the same last week, i feel the taste is not as much as a dominant like of indians, for me its like having a normal snack not appealing as Chips, flakes and puffcorns.
I have tried their other flovers but i haven't tried this one .. want to give a try so provide me the sample i will give u a honest review for the same.
I love this product. The fact that it has amazing ingredients and tastes good is what bowled me over. Quinoa, chia seeds and flax seeds are the holy grail of superfoods, and seeing them in chip form is snacking done right.
I like tbe flavours of cornitos nacho chips pink salt. It is tasty as well as crispy.
I have tried this product it's really tasty and delicious yummy.
Quite nice product from cornitos since it tastes similar to a nacho but has quinoa so got to be healthy I had it with salsa dip I really liked the same
This product tastes delicious and specially with catchup its mind blowing. .. i will be glad if hometesterclub.com sends me this product
I tried this product Awesome Taste less salty and little spicy with wheat tangy twist AWESOME TRY THIS FLAVOUR

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