5 5 0 23 23 Turmeric has long been used as a medicinal herb and fennel is known to do wonders to the digestive system. Enjoy a cup full of wholesome goodness with this blend of strong Assam CTC and the choicest of spices.
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Seriously good
Good taste, adults and children can also have it.Improves health.
awesome taste
the product tastes awesome,, loving every cup of it...
Wow turmeric chai....New flavour in tea....Would like to try this one and give my honest review
I like tea and coffee. I would like to try this turmeric chai. Because it's anti-oxident flavour.. Please send samples, after tried I will give honest review.
I have seen the reviews and I want to try this Product if sample is available.
I have never tried turmeric tea before , I think it would good for the health . I would like to try this tea and review it . Send me samples to try .
I would like to try this product. Please send samples quickly. I'm interested to try this.
This Tea sounds lovely, turmeric is so good for your body, I would really like to try and give my opinion
I am very interested and tasted the many flavours of Tea and these morning drinks can give freshness I referred most of my colleagues some Tea brands if u send the sample pack to me I'll tasted and give best review and as well as to refer to my colleagues. Please send the sample pack
Sounds great..Turmeric have antibiotics property build immunity..not tried dis product..plz send me dis product
Please send a sample to try and review this product
This Tea sounds lovely, turmeric is so good for your body, I would really like to try and give my opinion
Just like rose turmeric is also use as an experimeted value. Will love to hear more about tea
I have not tried this product send me sample let me give review about this product
Tea from Assam...it's definetly testy. I want to try before buy

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