5 5 0 2 2 It is an American brand for health care, consumer goods, and worker safety. The antiseptic formula comes with moisturizers for long term use. It comes in various sizes and variants to provide choice as per your requirements. If you are looking for a premium brand for Hand Sanitizers then 3M is your choice.
3M Hand Sanitizer
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Good Product
It's a pure alcgohol based sanitiser which will not let you come in any of the virus on your hands into your body.
it very good
it is very good and it is very safe for all bacteria
Want to use the product for review, as a brand I hope it's very trusted n pure product
Please send me sample of this product because never see it in the market now I am using the lifeboy or dettol sanitizer
Hi, I have not tried 3M Hand Sanitizer. Please send me the sample will try and provide feedback.
Latest product if use this product than you can save your family from Corona virus and many different virus also

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