0 5 0 7 9 Amul has come up with Amul Lite Milk which is a long Life skimmed milk. The milk is available in tetra packs and has shelf life of 180 days without refrigeration. You can read and post your review about Amul Lite Milk on HomeTesterClub
Amul Slim Lite milk
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i have tried this and i highly reccomend it . its good in taste , makes great curd and cheese at home too.
I dont like this as milk should have all the content . this is not good for health rater dont drink milk
Looks very nice. I want to try it. It's very light n tasty
for weight watchers slim milk is too good and i am in need of it
its taste is good , even it dont have anu odour,we have start using as it has less holestrol
Wonderful for people who want to keep fit and avoid those extra kilos with all the nutrition.
Its a nice product, with no problem of creaming. actually no UHT milk creams. The taste is a bit bland with a hint of cooked flavor.
Wow nice one for us who r conscious regading the fats in milk...keep it up
amul lite is the best skimmed milk in the market. it contains almost 0 fat but yet full of protein and calcium!

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