Amul Whole Wheat Atta

5 5 0 14 14 Amul Whole wheat Atta is made from whole wheat, selected carefully from the best of the fields and varieties. It is 100% whole wheat atta with a superior quality taste.
Amul Whole Wheat Atta


Amul are very quick grow Now grocery item also available like oil and atta Smooth roti for this atta use
Awesome Atta
This Atta Is Healthy For U,This Comes IN a Nice Package
Better compared to competitors
Better wheet as compared to the other companies wheet available in market... Good for people having digestion issues.
Good Atta and tasty
I had bought Amul Atta from Amul outlet at Bhat, Ahmedabad. I have noticed difference in Amul Atta as compared to other similar products of other companies, Amul Atta roti is more soft, after roti is cooked the smell os freshly made is real amazing and the atta has equal quantity for atleast 30-45 days after opening the sealed packet I am regular user from 4 / 5 months
Good amaze
Amazing product too good as compare ashirvaad and price is not high for all
Amul brand so awesome brand Very nice product Very nice atta, rotiya bahut soft aur testy banti hai...also amul bahut trusted brand hai. Must try
Amul brand make all products is good so this product is very healthy.
One of the best in the market.
Although this brand's atta is not available in most of the shops. It's like one of the best atta in the market. The chappatis are nice and fluffy when this atta is used
Very nice
Very nice atta, rotiya bahut soft aur testy banti hai...also amul bahut trusted brand hai. Must try
nice brand
good quality wheat amul company i will recommend to everyone
Very healthy
We are satisfied with quality. Roti is very soft and sweet
good quality aata
Amul aata is fortified with important minerals and has a great taste. must try.
Amul Atta
Very good quality, and fortified.Must try and use continuously.
Very Good
Used this Amul Wheat Atta and Found it batter than the Leading flour brand in the market. Rotis made with this Atta are very soft.

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