4.4 5 0 1024 1024 Apis Honey contains essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, C, iron, and calcium. Consumption of honey helps nourish the body with essential substances required for its proper functioning and development. Now in new easy squeezy bottle for your ease.
Apis Himalaya Honey
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Good overall taste
Tastes good, but a bit sugary, the sugar content if any needs to be eliminated.
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Very good n easy for consuming. We can use it for daily for healthy n energetic
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The honey does not feel all original. As usual there is certain percentage of preservatives used. However the unique feature is the bottle. The cap needs to be turned and the honey is ready to pour. You can directly pour it over your toast or in a glass. No spoon needed. Overall a 3 star product
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Good Product & Easy to Use
Positives - The bottle is easy to use and handy, In a way it encourages you to use it regularly. The density of honey is better than some other Brands that I use. In terms of taste the honey is at par with the best brands in the market. Negatives - None, though I think there should be a small cap/lid on top so that ants can be avoided.
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Apis honey
Very sweet but natural in taste. My children liked it and are using I'm pizza dough also to give it golden colour. Strange but true
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The honey tastes amazing and the bottle is very convenient. I share it with everyone in the office and everyone loved it. It seems it’s 100% pure. I I’m definitely buying one for my parents
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Pure Honey
It is one of the rarest honey’s that I have tried which is thick and pure. It tastes heavenly...
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No honey is better than this.
After a use of this product I can say that no honey is better than this. The reasons are 1. My daughter eat it directly without any complain.
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Very Good
I use it everyday morning with water. Very good and useful
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One of the best honey I tasted so far
This honey bottle was sent to me by hometesterclub India .. I started having it in my breakfast as a topping on my frenchtoast and have used it in my diet drink honey and water which helps in reducing postpartum weight ... so this is good product as it doesn’t taste tooo sweet nor bitter like some other honey products ,that means it doesn’t contains any artificial sweeteners .. so I would ask everyone to give it a try and ul never be disheartened... 👍😊
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Best honey.
I like the taste of Apis Himalaya Honey very much. Its also the right consistency where it flows freely and is also not very runny.
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It's was not up to the mark or better than what I regularly consume
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I like this product very much and even healthy also. I definitely recommended my dear ones.
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I really like the product it's taste and quality is very good I consume daily with milk or lemon juice it effects good results to me and I feel healthy
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Good change
APIS honey is a little thicker than my usual table honey brand, which i personally liked but all my other family members didn't like it. I loved the packaging as it is very convenient to pour it out... taste wise I didn't feel much of a difference and purity is really hard to tell by just looking at the product without doing any lab tests on it.. so ya, all in all a good product to give you a change from the same old honey brand u have been using since long!
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