Bikano Multigrain Chips

5 5 0 6 6 Bikano has positioned the multigrain products, named Chatak Masala and Tangy Tomato, as a healthier alternative to the conventional potato chips.Bringing together the goodness of an assortment of grains including rice, wheat, corn and pulses, the brand aims to give the food lovers the sheer joy of savouring the crispiness and crunchiness in terms of taste of regular potato chips while also taking care of their nutritional requirements.
Bikano Multigrain Chips


Very useful product
Don't tried this product yet. You please give this product to me,
Hi, I have not received Bikano Multigrain Chips. Please send me the sample will taste and get back to you with feedback.
I ate already so many chips but this something different it like a multi grain bikano chips I want to taste this chips I am not heared this company name before now I want to test this product before I purchase more and more thank you thank you
I would love to use this product n wish to provide honest feedback you cn send the product to me.
Looks good, I think this is not healthy but for party time this is nice and also this is milti grain product . I would recommend this to my friends. This looks great I didn't try this .I would like to try this . Send me this product if you can. I'm glad to try your product

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