Bingo Original Style Salt Sprinkled

4.5 5 0 58 58 Light and tasty Bingo! Salt Sprinkled Potato Chips lets you experience the perfect balance of authentic potato taste and light sprinkled flavours.
Bingo Original Style Salt Sprinkled


Bingo potato chips
Bingo is atleast better than lays in some ways, 1. More quantity 2. Types of flavours This product is light, tasty, crispy,and low in some amount of oil. And also you get some salted flavour too.
Salty... Love
It's a salty chips. But it's tasty. Nice product. I love bingo chips. It's so crispy and I'm interested to eat. So nice and awesome... I recommend you all to this bingo 😋😋😋 I just love it.
Crispy & Salty Potato Chips
I have tried this product. The potato is thinly sliced, crispy and salty. The price is also reasonable. I like potato chips so, I like Bingo too. It can be eaten as an evening snack with tea.
Bingo- Delicious
Good for the people who like a little lesser amount of masala in their snack, Its light and just plain salted goes good with a Dip
Thin and salty potato chips
I like this product because it is very thin, crispy and salt sprinkled. It can be eaten as an evening snack. The price is also reasonable so everyone can buy it. I like potato chips so I like Bingo too.
crispy potato chips
I like this product because it is crispy , salty and thin. Everybody can afford it. The thin chips with sprinkled salt tastes really good.
Nice product
I try this so many time. So testy and i love bingo
Very Tasty and crunchy bingo 👌👌👌 Spicy salty bingo 👌
crunchy thin crust
My hobby is to eat bingo at tv watching time, it is very crunchy and thin crust.
It is a bingo big interval. Take it, tasty and healthy.
Tasty , crispy
It's a nice classic tasty product from bingo ,i like the crispiness and the salty taste make my fav
A plain salt with potatoes is the best combination
Best snack out there. No overwhelming masala just plain taste of potato chips.
Best potato chips
This product is better than any other same kind of product.. Its taste good. I like its crispyness.
best plain salted chips
the best in plain salted chips, crunchiest ,good quality

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