Bingo! Tedhe Medhe Cocktail Mix

4.7 5 0 51 51 Bingo! Tedhe Medhe Cocktail Mix 180gms; contains a combination of three nuts - Peanuts (Moonfali), Kabuli Chana, Matar in a spicy and tangy flavour. A new and healthier version of Bingo! Tedhe Medhe is high in protein and dietary fibre.
Bingo! Tedhe Medhe Cocktail Mix


Flavor is okayish
Not the best in terms of flavor but works well as spicy chakna. The tanginess is missing, OG tedhe medhe tastes way better. Would have liked it better if it there could be some tanginess as well to counter the heat & a little too much of the nutty taste.
Nalla irukku
Indhu vera level product, adhuvum intha mix of taste irukkey, appappaa romba nallathu
Mediocre product
I didn't liked the product that much as it was very spicy and a better taste is provided by its alternative brands like lehar and kurkure karare peanuts. If somebody likes to have too much spicy peanuts then they can go for it. Otherwise its a ok ok product not too good not too bad.
Its ausums product
All time best namkeen to serve anytime anywhere its good quality
I tried this last week and it was totally yummy. The best snack for parties no doubt!
It's yummmm
I tried this last week and it was totally yumm. The best snack for parties no doubt!
Fantastic products very yummy 😋😋 plss buy this product.more flavour more yumm
Nice taist and good product our khne Mai mast lgta Hai bingo tere mere .
Testy great
Great time when I pick up I purchase 4nmore then in week
It's really yummy and tasty.
Must try it. Tedhe medhe was my all time favourite and tasting this flavour, it just very tasty. Everyone who is a big fan of snacks should definitely try it.
not good
its not good .........i can not recommend .............
Really tasty
Yeah it's really tasty but they should concentrate on product volume, packet may be big but they have less amount of product in it.
Ooh! Bingo ka name Lete hi muh me Pani aa jata hai🤤! Yarr ye kisko nai accha lagega
Good product
Yes is extremly good in taste but has more fat level this should be kept in mind by the company
Bingo tede medhe
So crunchy and tangy.It is mouthwatering one🤤 and l like this a lot

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