Cadbury Bournville Raisin and Nut

5 5 0 2 2 • It has smooth texuture with the richness of Raisins & Nuts • Fine Dark Chocolate with 50% Cocoa offering consumers the sheer luxury and goodness of premium dark chocolate. • A chocolate that allows you to end your day on a perfect note
Cadbury Bournville Raisin and Nut


born for cadbury
Cadboury is a very big and famous brand in the world regarding choclates an all. In this bournville brand is too much delicious and my childhood I always in hurry to taste all the choclates bt I feel awesm to eat only cadbouries and in this bournville with nuts and raisins are like stars and moon in the choclate. I love to eat tat choclate due to this the taste of the choclate is too much differnt frm the normal ones, choclates with dry fruits r feel like u r in another world of cadboury and there is a mountain of bournville with nuts and raisins and u eat them smoothly and chew all nuts and dry fruits and the packing of the choclate is too much attractive, coz of packing there the water comes in ur mouth and u thought tat how I can ate this yummmiieee chocho. .
This chocolate is my all time favorite. Its filled with nuts and has smooth texture. Its taste is just amazing.

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