Cadbury Fuse Fit

4.4 5 0 33 33 Cadbury Fuse Fit is a protein-packed tasty snack bar that has the goodness of crunchy peanuts, almonds, cranberries and raisins combined with delicious Cadbury milk chocolate. A mouth-watering nutri bar that gives you 10% of your daily recommended protein intake. A must-have on-the-go snack is full of goodness. Grab a Fuse FIT today to satiate yourself during moments of hunger.
Cadbury Fuse Fit


Go for it
It makes you feel full with all the nuts. It takes away your hunger. It is so crunchy and has adequate quantity.
A review for the above mentioned protein bar
This protein bar tastes great and adds some crunch and flavor,but it has a little excessive sugar and I don't recommend it everyday but twice a week is fine
Very Crunchy and yummy nutty chocolate I loved it.
Cadbury fuse is an average chocolate
I have eaten Cadbury fuse chocolate once. It contains peanuts and raisins, crisp cereal and fudge pieces suspended within it. The thing which I didn't like much was the taste of the crisp cereal. I liked the peanuts as that makes me think of Snickers bar. I think the chocolate would taste better if it had caramel in it.
Amazing chocolate
I have tried many chocolates but their sugar content is too much and somewhere they use synthetic coco flavour instead of real coco . But CADBURY FUSE is literally the best ever choclate I have tasted . Authentic taste and authentic nuts inside
Good thing to try. A very healthy product by Cadbury. I suggest health concious people should try thia product.
It's yummy
This is very yummy chocolate it contains peanut
Yummy, peanut Cadbury
This is very yummy Cadbury and also a healthy product. This contains peanut.
It's yummy and filling.. and also healthy
Tasty fits😋
I tried this product and its taste is too good and best chocolate snack 😋
Healthy and tasty
It tastes good and healthy by the way the almonds and peanuts with a chocolate layer is really awesome and one should try this definitely
Good taste , at good price
Well good product as what they have written is actually given and less sugar and more nuts for instant energy and appropriate protien
Tasty 😋
It's just yummy everytime i crave for something good fuse satisfy my cravings. Its very nutty and the best part is it is healthy too. But if you don't like nuts or you are allergic with nuts please avoid.
Very tasty and full of taste and protins
Tests good solution to kill ur hunger..

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