Cipla ActivWomen Daily Calcium

4.8 5 0 142 142 ActivWomen Daily Calcium is a unique sugarfree effervescent calcium supplement with 5 bone strengthening nutrients designed to make up for the calcium deficiency in a person.
Cipla ActivWomen Daily Calcium


CIPLA ActivWomen calcium
Relay good way to take calcium! I used to hate swallowing big tablets, but this is so easy to take. I have it every morning. It's so refreshing and tasty! The flavours are great and it's sugar free.
Cipla ActivWomen Daily Calcium a tasty way to say fit
I am so happy to receive this product. It is so tasty that you feel like you are drinking a soft drink. Most important thing to notice is "it is Sugarfree". Best for calorie conscious person like me. Ladies..go for it.
Burst of calcium fizz!
I liked the taste of Cipla ActivWomen daily calcium.Bonus points for adding fizz to it! Felt like Cipla applied a lot of thought in making a much needed intake for present working women (Iam one of those) to create a product which is fun to use as well. I tried the strawberry flavour and it tasted good. Will be buying the other flavours very soon. This is now part of my routine. Thank you cipla.!
Tasty Calcium Drink
The formulation is different and fun to watch the tablet dissolve with bubbles. Tastes and feels like I am having a fizzy drink and not medicine. Good for people who do not like swallowing tablets. However doubt i will wait everyday for the tablet to dissolve. There is also some calcium left behind in the cup . Overall a different calcium product
Little pricey but good calcium and other minerals content
Good product. I received strawberry flavor. Makes taking supplement palatable. It also contains other minerals like zinc and vitamin D. But I found it a bit pricey at 10/- per tablet, for regular use.
Cipla ActivWomen Daily Calcium
ActiWomen Calcium tablet is very much beneficial for women .Its containing Calcium ,zinc,magnesium.. very good for bone health.. and though sugarfree.. it has a nice tangy taste( i had tried this & recommended to friends to buy))
Women Booster
It's orange flavor gives a carbonated feeling.It surely gives all type minerals and supplements needed for middle aged women.This tablet is a good energy booster.
Actiwomen calcium tablet is truly beneficial esp. for women above 30.. apart from calcium it also has zinc,magnesium..good for bone health.. and though sugarfree.. it has a nice tangy taste( i had tried the lemon flavour:))
Cipla active women daily calcium
I have low level of calcium, when I started using this product I felt the difference within a week, I love the taste of orange flavour.
Calcium strength
Its a fantastic product.It gives me the strength of calcium in a fun way.The taste of lemon is amazing.It dissolves easily.
Gem of a product
I stated using Daily calcium and within weeks I was feeling better and could see the difference in how I was active again without the pain and inflammation. Excellent product.
Cipla ActivWomen Daily Calcium
My mother leg got fractured so she tried it & considered it tasty, healthy & helpful in bones.
Hi, I am medical student and we have prescribed this calcium too many patients with osteoarthritis and with bone and calcium deficiency. And have seen good results. I will recommend it. But I haven't used it on myself yet. Love to have e one. Pls send a sample.
From birth to death we need calcium for teeth to bones growth and than in pregnancy for recovery and in middle to death for all joints and bones issues to take care and sugar free for all healthy diet conscious minds and with orange for calcium absorbtion in body
Please send me a sample to try out.................... Thanks !!!

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