Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Coke

3.8 5 0 57 57 Coca-Cola Zero Sugar lets you enjoy the same great taste of Coke without worries. Discover a connection between fun, taste and no calories, ideal for calorie-conscious people.
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Coke


Okayish taste
The taste is not that great as compared to regular coca cola. It hardly has any flavour.
best among the coca cola products
i tried many soft-drinks earlier available in the market, the zero sugar coca is best till date the taste is also not compromised, it is good add-on for cocktails too..
zero sugar!!!!!
I recently tried Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! As someone who loves the taste of regular Coca-Cola but is trying to watch my sugar intake, this was the perfect alternative. It still has that classic Coca-Cola taste but without all the sugar. I also appreciate that it has zero calories, making it a guilt-free option. Overall, I highly recommend giving Coca-Cola Zero Sugar a try if you're looking for a tasty and low-calorie beverage option.
Coca Cola Zero
The taste was weird. Probably the saccharin gives it a bad aftertaste
It is good should be made better
Coke Zero has undergone a remarkable transformation, making it a standout choice for those seeking a guilt-free cola experience. With enhanced flavor, revitalized carbonation, high-quality ingredients, and modern packaging, Coke Zero has become an impressive zero-calorie alternative to traditional sodas. The latest version strikes a perfect balance, delivering a satisfying and authentic cola taste without excess sugar. With its crisp effervescence and natural ingredients, Coke Zero offers a refreshing and indulgent beverage. Whether you're a loyal fan or new to the brand, Coke Zero's improvements are worth celebrating.
Very good
It's not even come with calaroies Or sugar eliments what can be better than this grab it if you are health concious
I have tried it. Liked the taste, the fizz, but not sure about it being ZERO SUGAR. Where should I check it ? Planning to visit a place for it.
Coke, just better!
The absence of sugar in this product is something that makes it appealing to most users! The taste remains relatively unchanged which is a big surprise. It is a good addition to have in their product line up, but apart from that nothing special!
Best diet coke ever. Best thing is that no sugar is present
It's a okay product.
Overall, it is fine but the taste is something which Should get better as it tastes nothing like the actual coca cola. It was little different. I would recommend people who do diet!!
I don't like it
I don't like its taste sugar content is less.and I like the normal coke better
Best product by Coca Cola in India
This is the best product sold by Coke in India. This tastes even better than the Coke Zero they sell abroad, i feel the sweetener here is better and they have perfected the recipe for this region. I drink 2 cans a day (on an average) and have yet to find something which rivals the taste and quality Coke Zero delivers.
The best in its class.
There are other brands selling same thing, but beleive me this is the best. Have the perfect taste, thr perfect fizz, the perfect refreshment. And now they habe diet coke also. So the taste you need without affecting your health.
Low cal cola is todays need
I love the taste of Coke, but I don't want all the sugar so I started drinking Coke Zero Sugar. It has a refreshing taste that is perfect for this time of year. I also like that it is a diet coke. I like that I have a choice of diet coke or regular coke.
quite good
the can zero is quite good but in my opinion, bottled one is better, either way i love coca cola zero, its taste is almost identical to normal coca cola but without sugar, really love it, recommended.

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