Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Coke

3.7 5 0 34 34 Coca-Cola Zero Sugar lets you enjoy the same great taste of Coke without worries. Discover a connection between fun, taste and no calories, ideal for calorie-conscious people.
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Coke


Not as good as original
Not as good as the original coke.I think it's because it was sweet in a weird way.
Coke zero sugar review.
Honestly i like the flavour of this since I'm full on working out so it's good for a perfect refresher, I'm a fan of the original coke but this one is perfect for an alternative.
Alright but the classic is better
Coke zero is alright, i would pick it if i don't have coke classic or diet coke!!
Ok product
I am a fan of the original coca cola...this coke taste bit sour as it was zero sugar
I will always pick diet coke over it
As a massive coca cola fan i would like to drink it often but the sugar content is extremely high and I prefer to consume as little added sugar as possible. So er have two contenders: Diet Coke and Coke Zero. If there was an option to pick between the two I would immediately go for Diet Coke without hesitation. It is superior in every way. But that's not to say Coke Zero is bad, it's just mediocre and I would still drink it if it was the only thing available.
Good product
This tastes 90% like regular coke, just slightly less fizzy but I liked it.
Nice taste
Great taste not a bad after taste of artificial sweetner
Milder coke taste with less sugar
This tastes 90% like regular coke, just slightly less fizzy & cloying. Maybe because of the less sugar content. I liked it. If they launched a vanilla zero coke version of this I think it'd be really nice.
Coke zero
Very light, persistent flavour of the coke with no added sugars.Good for people who beware of sugar.Overall packaging and brand name justifies everything.
i m big fan of aerated drinks but due to sugar content i avoid. but this one was amazing and also the taste was different. super satisfying finally i found the substitute and need not to worry before galloping the satisfying drops
Not that good but ok
I tried it most of the times because i don't like much sweet this was was super but ok for me. Instead of artificial sugar i recommend to use natural sweetner like stevia.
My honest opinion
I bought it once by mistake. I'm a sweet tooth maybe that's why I found it disgusting . But people who are health conscious and on diet may like it. But not at all recommendable to cola fans.
Good one
I didn't find much difference between this one and normal coke. Coca Cola lovers can go for it.
Very light
It's light when consumed and strong as the usual coke flavour .. overall a very good drink and a healthy drink
Flavor is there
After tasting this, I realized that original is only better no matter what. If this product is used first time by first timers or any form of soft drink, they won't feel any impact and they shouldn't use the original at all.

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