4.5 5 0 80 80 Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean toothpaste, which has a unique formula with clinically proven anti-bacterial technology and also contains Ultra Micro Charcoal Particles. It reduces bacteria build-up by up to 90%* for 12 hours and penetrates deep between teeth to fight bacteria plaque.
Colgate Charcoal
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Total protection backed by power of charcoal
The product is good. It gives freshness and keeps the hygiene inside the mouth. Charcoal flavour though it doesn't gives any different taste than the normal Colgate Total toothpaste, it cleans the teeth nicely and keeps the freshness.
The toothpaste is okay as a normal toothpaste. But it does not really work in all the things that it claims to do. It is as good as any other toothpaste and the results were not much different.
I bought this in Bangkok on holiday. I wish I had bought more because I can not find it here in the states! I love how clean my mouth feels after brushing with this paste. My teeth feel so smooth and shiny and I feel like I have a brighter smile. I feel less self-conscious about drinking tea so often!!
I have not noticed any significant difference in my teeth strength or colour since I began using this. Prior to this I was using the original Colgate variant. However my sister claims that the product is really working. It helps her get rid of coffee stains that has built up.
I have always used Colgate and this new variant seems to be pretty good. Even kids like using it (and kids are finicky with toothpastes)
Colgate never fails to impress with its new innovation. Charcoal variant is one of their top games. It hint of charcoal strengthens your teeth rooth and fights off cavity rigourously. After every wash you will feel rejuvenated and fresh wand would notice a one level brighter shade of teeth.
Colgate Charcoal deep clean teeth cavity free !!!!!!!!!!
OMG...really awesome and i got good relief from my tooth problem.i love colgate.
I am currently using colgate charcoal toothpaste. It's taste is slightly different from typical colgate toothpaste. I shall definately recommend this product.
I tried Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean with initial hesitation, but once I did, I have been amazed at the way it has helped me maintain better oral hygiene. It definitely has made me do a rethink on how our ancestors used charcoal to clean their teeth. Totally satisfied with this product.
I have tried this and currently using also. This is very hygenic. It keeps your breath fresh whole day.
I love colgate last 15 years i m using colgatea trusted brand please send me sample
The unique formula combined with the normal ingredients, make this product SPECIAL and shows the value and richness of our traditional culture as Charcoal was used by people of those days for brushing.
I use this toothpaste twice a day and i have found that it helps me in keeping my teeth all day long, It has helped me in removing the fine black lines which appear on the teeth. All should try this product its one of the best toothpaste.
hi this product is very fast work on teath so please try this product atleast one time.

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