3.9 5 0 15 15 Introducing Colgate Visible White – a new breakthrough in oral care that works like magic. With a unique formula and advanced whitening accelerators that make teeth sparkle, Colgate Visible White can make teeth up to one shade whiter in just one week.
Colgate Visible White Toothpaste
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New one paste with aloe vera easy to use for children also
My favourite toothpaste
This is my favourite toothpaste.First I used to like closeup after that it came and I became to like this product.I live its odour very much.This toothpaste makes you feel relax all day because it creates a nice smell in your mouth all day.
Good Product
Well my teeth are visibly whiter. Quite good. Would recommend if u r looking for such kind of product.
I did not like the product at all. It is not effective. The product and advertisement promises visible white teeth in one week. If you look at the product closely, you'll see in small letters 'visible improvement if people brush their teeth thrice a day'. That is not possible. Most people in the country don't even brush their teeth twice a day so brushing thrice a day is out of the equation. Such a product will reduce the brand value/goodwill of Colgate. Colgate should be more careful while introducing a new product.
I used this for a week... gave me mouth ulcers so had to stop using.
Been using this product for the past few months. The difference in whitening of my teeth is not great. However, there is a small visible difference. Will have to try for a longer period to see if it really does make my teeth one shade lighter as it claims
A good toothpaste it does help whiten teeth I have been using this for the last few months and I can see the outcomes
i and my family of five is using this since long, great effects seen on teeth, freshens up the mouth.
It is not effective at all...have been trying this product for over 3 months...no visible difference in the colour of my teeth
please add your comments about colgate visible white toothpaste here.please s end me four tubes as sample for me and my friends thanx
it doesnt make any difference.i wont recommend it..
it doesn't show any effect over whiting of ur teeth
I was not happy with product as it was not effective to me and my family. So i have stopped using it.
I tried this one as its introduced in the market but unfortunately it is worth workingI am not satisfied with the brand.
It's very refreshing and gives a good start to the day.:-)

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