Cremica Piri-Piri Sauce

4.8 5 0 5 5 Use Cremica Piri Piri sauce for marinating. Spice up savoury dishes with a dash of piri piri. Try piri piri as a sandwich spread. Make a dressing using piri piri. Jazz up veggies. It’s Reddish Orange with spices & has tangy notes.
Cremica Piri-Piri Sauce


Rich creamy sauce
This sauce is used to make all Peri peri items of veg and non veg that enhances the taste of dishes we make
Peri peri love
Love the packaging, love the smell, love the taste, love all the mouth watering flavours in this little box. Perfect combination for any chips. Cremica has some really nice sauces and this is definitely one of them. Can't have enough or cremica. My love for peri peri is never ending and this is one of the best peri peri sauces in the market. I literally eat this with everything. Chips, roti, bread, maggi everything.
No sandwich without this
You just added the taste I am always looking for in my sandwich. Thumbs up
Good product. It is almost 99.99 % equivalent to Nando's peri peri sauce. Price is reasonable than Nando's. Packaging is attractive. Taste is awesome. Packaging was loose so it was leaking inside the wrappings. Its my favourite peri peri sauce , cant have a sandwich without it , good job (better than nandos)

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