Cremica Sriracha Sauce

4.7 5 0 18 18 Cremica Sriracha is a multi-purpose hot sauce that is deliciously addictive. Thai-inspired hot sauce you love to put on everything! Orange Red Colour with Hot chilli having tangy taste
Cremica Sriracha Sauce


Tangy spicy and yummy
Love this because it is my saviour at times when I have to enhance the taste of noodles to give it a restaurant touch. It goes well with spring rolls,nachos, samosas and what not.. children love it
Cremica Sriracha sauce
Cremica Sriracha sauce is amazing I like it with Noodles and fries, really it's tangy taste is very good my kids are also like it very much I reffer to my friends and family members also.
Amazing it's taste very nice .
I bought this product and really this is so amazing
It's an amazing sauce. It's have a better taste. Really loved it. I used with noodles, fries and many more. It's have an amazing taste. Everyone should try it once. Love it. Best sauce ever.
Nice taste
Always happy to have this sauce in my plate that enhances the taste of all toast, noodles, pizza, tourtils, everything that i used to make enhanced thw rich flavours
Flavourful sriracha
Love the packaging, love the smell, love the taste, love the hotness, love all the mouthwatering flavours. This is a perfect combination with any kind of chips. This is one of the best sriracha I've had.
very tasty and full of flavour
very tasty, delicious sauce made of natural ingredients.. it can be use with chips, nachos etc.. its texture is very good, just want to share that a little improvement in design of the bottle is required.
Superb Taste and Spice
This is the sauce you should look for if you need a spicy sauce in your kitchen. Feels so exotic with Momos and Spring Rolls. Definitely recommended. Must Try. Spice is tolerable but it has unique taste and texture. It can be used in cooking as well.
Delicious stuff
I can guarantee you haven't taste anything like this before. You gotta taste it once, so exotic. This is truly amazing.
Really good in taste, my family loves it
Its really good product, my family loves it a lot. I buy it again and again
Love it totally! Tastes so nice . Can’t really switch to anything else
Amazing taste
I would love to try again this sauce. But online stores doesn't have this product.
Love the product but as per quantity it's bit expensive
Want to use this product again if they send a sample and also wanna give glance of this to my friends so they can also use this amazing product.This one taste so good. Can be incorporated in pasta , salads dressings etc.It gives a nice rich red color to your dish. Loved by kids and family. Have a nice earthy hint to it.Its very good product with good taste. Its spicy, yummy taste loved by kids aswell. It taste like thailand sauces. Love to taste it.

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