4.5 5 0 72 72 Dabur Red Gel combines traditional wisdom with modern-day science to offer consumers the benefits of ayurveda in contemporary and ready-to-use formats.
Dabur Red Gel
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Yes I have try this and after trying I can say that it Give yourself the promise of scintillating freshness and effective oral care with Dabur red gel. Made with 13 potent herbs appraised in Ayurveda, the effectiveness of Dabur red gel has been scientifically tested and proven. Explore a range of Dabur Health and Wellness products .I will advise to use this.
Best product
This toothpaste is very good for tooth and gums. It's very nice product of "Dabur".
Danbur.. Trust....
One of the most trusted Brand. . I have use the Dabur products For many years. ... Dabur Red Gel.... It should be try by you My friends in circle of my friends I will recommend you Guys this. . Thank you. ......
Good product
Taste could be better but overall leaves a fresh feeling for a long time and dental problems reduced after using this paste. Good product. Can try once and continue as per liking
Strong teeth
I using this now for my kids. They like this very much. It's help to prevent from teeth pain
Details about product.
Bahut acha hai. Mooh me tajgi ka feel hota hai.All mouth problems dur ho jata hai. Isii liye 5 star ⭐ rate to banta hai.
great product
it keep all your dental problems away. Fights toothache and bad breath Maintains fresh breath Contains anti-inflammatory properties Clinically tested for reduction in plaque , gingivitis & bad breath
This tooth paste for complete tooth and gum care great mouth feel
Best pest
Nice good very very good really good quality product
Very Good
I am currently using this toothpaste.It is very good for people who wants strong toothpaste.After brushing we feel fresh.
Nice product
Dabur Red Gel is a nice gel to protect your teeth from bacteria and ensure healthy and strong gums and teeth... I will recommend this product if you want your teeth to be healthy....
OK product
I also use in one time.and product is OK for use them..
No. 1
Love this product 🥰😘😍 one of the best toothpaste we use in our life it makes our day happy I like this too much not any improvement could be required I recommend it to all my friend
it is too good
i use it many times but i dislike its test but it is too good
Dabur Red
Its really very good and refreshing toothpaste and give a very soothing effect after using. It has natural ingredients which makes it even more trust worthy and healthy to use.

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