2.5 5 0 5 5 Dabur India Ltd, the country`s Most Trusted healthcare brand, launch of Dabur Super Babool+Salt Power Toothpaste, India`s first Natural toothpaste packed with two powerful oral care ingredients -- Salt and Babul `Acacia Arabia` extracts. Dabur Super Babool+Salt Power Toothpaste combines these two potent natural ingredients in a unique formulation that has antibacterial power to fight against germs, keep your gums healthy and teeth strong. You can read and post your reviews about Dabur Super Babool + Salt Power on hometesterclub.com
Dabur Super Babool + Salt Power
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Dabur. ..is the most trusted Brand. .. I have used so many products of the company. This was too good to take such kind Best price products I will recommend you Guys this Best of luck. .....
Best for teeth pain and Best for discoloration Use it for long life of teeth
i want a free sample of this product plz..it looks really intresting
I am Regularly use Babool tooth paste but salt combination is realy good for teeth.
i have used this product long back. please send me one trial pack.
i`ve used the base product of babool without the salt power and found it really soothing to the gums. i want to try this new advance product so please send a free sample.
It is a good brand,may it will help to keep our teeth white,as my teeth are yellow.
i have used dabur babul only it i want use new dabar babul salt so send me the sample i will use it
still i have not tried this product, now i would like to try this product.please s end me the free sample
Next time whenever I go for shopping than I purchase it and try it.if I like it then use it regular Le.
i have used this one dabur is reputed brand send me sample.
wow like this product i would realy like to try this plz end me one
I want to try this product. Please me free semple product.
I have not use it but heard a lot about it. I feel it would be good. I would be very happy if u sent me a free sample so that i can experience and continue it.
i use regular dabur paste. i would love to taste this one.

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