4.8 5 0 38 38 Dettol Hygiene Body wash combines Dettol’s trusted germ protection with different fragrances. This shower gel also contains an added moisturiser that helps to leave your skin feeling soft - making it perfect for everyday use!
Dettol Soothe Body Wash
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Smooth detol
It's smell so good ,easy to carry makes your hand so smooth
Dettol soothe body wash
Dettol product are very useful in any manner. Dettol product are recommended by doctors also. It's very safe and secure product .I can use many of this product many times . I recommend to use this product.
High fragrance
Woww.. skin feels good high fragrances good quality skin feels fresh
very usefull product. i tried it and i found this very good
Ek baar me saf hojata hai bhut masst chiz hai sab
Details about dattol body wash.
Woww. Kya fragrance hai. Detail shower also contains an added moisturiser that helps to leave my skin feeling soft.making it perfect hai daily use karne ke liye. 5 star ⭐🌟 rate for home tester club.
Nice wark is product
Ek bar mein hi saaf ho jata hai nice wark is product
I have tried this new dettol product, i felt so fresh after using this product, this is so good and exfoliated all dirt from sking and felt like reenergising to me, ill recomed it to every one!!
Its too good.
Its very good because it doesn't harsh skin like other and good for our health.
Good quality
Good quality and eco friendly my whole family used this product good smell
Best product
I tried the green apple one. Smell is nice although it doesn't stay long. People with dry skin can find it a bit drying on their skin. Other than that you can give it a shot with available variants,In my family using dettol,dettol soap , dettol hand wash, dettol multi-use hygienic liquid,ect.
This is such an amajing handwash
This handwash is being used by my family since few years Its odour is very refreshing And after all it is the product of such an trusted brand I will recommend this handwash to all households as well ♥️♥️
Battar body wash is body very nice and battar body this wash
This body wash it is a great time with you and the other hand the same thing happened with my family and friends Thank-you
Best body wash
Dettol body wash Best body wash other body wash and this product cool product
Dettol is most favourite brand in world...Dettol hygiene body wash energize combines Dettol’s trusted germ protection

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