Devamrutha - Daily Health Drink powder

4.4 5 0 14 14 Devamrutha is made out of 25 super ingredients. We have used whole grains to retain its natural values and nutrition.Very rich in protein and fiber. Retained the goodness of whole grains which is a rich source of selenium & zinc for Immunity Boosting Power. Diabetes, BP or any other life style disorder related ailments can use it regularly to find best results.
Devamrutha - Daily Health Drink powder


Good product
Devamrutha dies a great job. Good product. Good quality product. It's is different to other . I loved this. I would recommend this product to everyone.
It is a good for health and proteins in that health drink.
Helth require
I will try this product I searching energy drink for my hasbund I think I try for good result
Nice product
I want it as sample for use .and if I like then I will use and also prefer it to my friends
very good
healtyh tasty very nice and yummyyyyyyyyy sooo good and will be liked by everyone
Superb product, my parents loved it.
y parents are diabetic, so I thought of giving a try to one bottle and they totally loved it, Within a week they asked me to order more, so now waiting for family pack. Thanks so so much for it
Please try this product my femly new brand free sample
I'll try this product . To gain health , and energy
I'm a clinical Nutritionist/ Dietitian would really like to try this and recommend this to my patient's.
As i want gain weight so i want to see how beneficial is this on my health,and on my day to day life
I want too try this product Based on looks it good i will try this product
Now a days its very hard to combine 25 ingrident to make an health drinks,its a perfect product for our health
Its an indian healthy drink product which has no synthetic ingredients, iys full of natural ingredients that will keep you real healthy and immunized to fight against disease.
I want to try this product how to apply for a product?

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