Dhara Assure Vegetable Oil

4.9 5 0 34 34 Dhara Refined Vegetable Oil (Dhara Assure) is rich in MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids) and has moderate PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids). It has the richest omega 3 content compared to commonly available cooking oils. Since it also comes fortified with Vitamins A & D and is rich in vitamin E, Dhara Refined Vegetable Oil (Dhara Assure) is the perfect power dose of vitamins to have an energetic life.
Dhara Assure Vegetable Oil


good product
helthy product, this product mantain colestrarol.
Very nice product
Very nice Product is the best thing ever and big hugs
This is Amazing
This is really amazing oil and its healthy for health and i have bought this 4 months back and i just feel good. And the food cooked in it smells good and is tasty
Very good product
Dhara oil is very good product And this is benificial for our health this is a pure oil and no Pronunciation so i am like this product
स्वास्थ जीवन जीओ
best quwelty for long life and helthy life So please use this product
Good for any one
Dhara is very good brand in refine oil. In my home use Dhara.
Amazing product good experience
Amazing product and very good for health. I used it and I'm using it still . It doesn't increase your cholestroll .We can cook our breakfast our lunch our dinner in this . You must try this.
Oil on canvas
The product is amazing and good oil is of health and safety
It is very good for our health and it also keeps our cholesterol under control
Excellent oil
It is very good oil. I am using for so long and very impressed with the quality and recommend to everyone to buy it without any second thought..... good product,................
Dhara best product.
Good Vegetable oil. The quality is top notch. Smoothness. And quantity is also better. Dhara is a good brand for oils. I would highly recommend this product to everyone. Cheers!!
Best oil for cooking
Trusted brand and good for health. While looking for a cooking oil among the several brands this is the best choice for go with
not good
very bad product ...... i can not recommend it .............
Good for health
In our house only dhara vegetable oil is used . It is very light weight oil . Not harmful for our organs
Healthy oil
I have used this oil and it is good for health is what I feel. It doesn't get rancid for long time. And it adds taste to the food. I totally loved the Dhara oil.

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