Dove Supple Bounce Body Lotion

4.8 5 0 49 49 The body lotion is enriched with NutriDUO, this rich formula nourishes skin deep down (within stratum corneum). The result? Irresistibly supple, bouncy, radiant skin that’s smooth to the touch. New Dove, Nourishing Body Care, Supple Bounce Elasticizing Body Lotion’s unique formulation combines rich nourishment and white tea extract, well known as an effective antioxidant, for more invigorating effect. So it’s supple and bouncy.
Dove Supple Bounce Body Lotion


Dove is always cares!!
Would recommend everyone .makes my skin soft and lovely!!!
Smooth,soft silky skin..dove is best would recommend to Everyone
Good product Good product Good product Good product Good product Good product Good product Good product
Soft skin body lotion
It's so good for use. And it gives us 24 hours protection in winter
Good body lotion
One of the best moisturizing cream for skin in these winter days... It is a perfect product for our skin and helps to keep our skin moistures for a longer period of time with an amazing scent and that too without causing any damage to out skin. Dove is really the best moisturising cream available in market right now.
Excellent product in the market
I recently switched to dove from my previous lotions. The lotion is smooth and extremely hydrating for people with dry skin and rough skin. It has an amazing smell that binds all the quality together needed in a lotion! Highly recommended!
penggemar produk ini
Dove selalu menjadi merek tepercaya di pasar. Saya baru saja membelinya dari situs lain sebagai produk contoh dan hasilnya bagus. Itu adalah produk baru bagi saya. Lakukan itu.
Good For all by using this product you can buy anything
Liked it. Excellent
Dove has always been a trusted brand in market . I recently purchased it from other site as sample product and it has a good result. It was a new product for me. Go for it.
Dove se skin se love
This lotion make the skin so soft and smell so gud .It's totally good liked it...
It's smell so good
I tried this product it's smell are so good also gives the nourishment our skin.
Smells like Heaven
It's one of the bessssst product ever..oh my God..I just love moisturises my skin and keep it supple and soft for the whole day and I got compliments of how beautiful it smell.
Skin care
These lotion takes care of our skin very must. As mentioned in the product name it actually give bouncines to your skin
Lotion review
This is very gd lotion. My skin was dry earlier but after applying this my skin became smooth. N i will recommend people to buy this.
It is truly is one of the only lotions that helps during winter and seeps into your skin and moisturises you could have more flavours /types and could also be made unisex

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