4.9 5 0 55 55 Fabelle Exquisite chocolate bars in six flavor’s recently. With white, milk, dark and ruby chocolate, in order to develop these chocolates. The Central Plains contains Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange Peel blended with Raisins. The Deccan Plateau was prepared using White Chocolate with Coffee and Cardamom Powder effusion. The Coastal Regions had Milk Chocolate with Desiccated Coconut Powder and Candied Mango. Dark Chocolate smoked with Tea and Pink Himalayan Salt. Ruby Chocolate with Toasted Sesame, Salted Peanuts and Toasted Amaranth. The Gangetic Plains has Milk Chocolate with Jaggery Powder and Crunchy Puffed Rice.
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Very tasty
I love chocolate .............m............ . ...l really like chocolate toooooooo this is toooooooo tasty yrrrt .... ............... .. ....................
Sinful indulgence!
Really exquisite chocolates that come in a wide variety. The Fable Truffle collection is mouth watering and will turn you into a chocoholic! The boutique(@ ITC) is must-try store for desserts.
I love the taste. The chocolate is amazing. Everyone should try it once. All flavours are best.
Amazing taste
When i was in ITC hotel i was try that. The taste was incredible.
Tasty chocolates
Very smooth and taste like milky nd chocolate and gud for birthday
Febelle chocolates are delicious and tasty, all flavours are best. Milk, chocolate, white,
I just loved it ..It tastes so good I was not so sure of this product so thaught to give it a try now absolutely loving it..
So yummy
The product is one of my best liking product, the quality is pure.
delicious..... my younger brother also loved this product and he demands it more and more and when go back to home i purchase this product as a small gift for him and i really recommend you to just try this
It is too good . I eat this . Superb, awesome .nice cool i love this ..... you also buy this . Here is budum . Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome
Very tasty and healthy
Hlo it is my favorite chocolate it is very tasty and healthy it is very delicious it is very good chocolate it is a world best no.1 chocolate I like a chocalte it is very best love uhh
Delicious Taste
Delicious Taste. Every one should try it once in life
I really like this it's really tastes like a heaven.. Actually I have them like twice a in the n8t
Super delicious
delicious super u should definitely try this so tasty
Delicious chocolate
This is very delicious chocolate for chocolate lovers.plz must try it.

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