Fiama Scents Body Wash

4.7 5 0 66 66 Fiama Scents, crafted with fragrance encapsulation technology enables fragrance release with a slight rub on the skin for as long as 8 hours after a bath. The micro fragrance capsules are eco friendly.
Fiama Scents Body Wash


Fiama Scent Body wash
This one is an genuine offering fro Fiama.and Fiama is a part of ITC group. This shower gel is basically conditioner for your skin. I would say that using this product is a nice experience. The fragrance is nice, foam is in good quantity and it makes your skin feel fresh.
I use first time this body wash.past-i thought soap are told fiama body was really good product .my frn told what perfume i use but when i told this is not a perfume just it is a body they told they are use everyday plz told this product name.and my friend was treat me a chocolate.
Gud stuff to buy
I have ordered this product for my sister and she's inlove with its fragrance. She has used many same product but she told me that, this one is far better when it comes to fragrance. ⏮️⏭️ It’s super simple to use. It reaches you in the form of a body wash. And gets locked on your skin as skin-friendly scent bubbles when you bath.
Nice Good fragrance Pin size drops works wondergreat
Superb fragrance
Just love love love this body wash so so much. The fragrance is so good that i have fallen in love with this product. It does a good job of cleaning ur body but it doesnt leave ur skin dry which is the best part. For soft and clean skin choose fiama
I want try to body wash can I try packets of this product
What a smell power so good always recommend buy this nice product at Paisa vasool
Loved it
Loved this product, the fragrance is so nice, and its very moisturizing. Loved it!
It will s very nice shampoo
It is very nice shampoo and coming smell also very nice
Good fragrance
I love this product It's good body wash Asspecilly gentle and soothing with nice fragrance After using it feel refreshing whole day Skin become smooth No dryness after using Fragrance is so good
Best product
I love fiama bodywah. Smell is awesome and long lasting. I used it more than 3 years
Refreshing , good one to use daily we can try this
Failed to impress!!!
I got this after I saw the advertisement. The smell wasn’t something as a fruity/berry lover even liked. It felt so artificial. Wouldn’t recommend this unless you really want to try something new. Ensure you get the smallest size first.
Value of money
I use this shower gel daily and smell in my body for 8 hours and smell is sweet and attractive this product for me and you also buy that product and use you are mad about that product
This product is so good
Nice product I am used this product Goodness , so good beautiful product

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