4.7 5 0 54 54 This cup poha is specially designed for the generation which is always on-the-go, this Cup Poha comes as the best snack during vacation, in transit or while working long hours in office. Ready in just three minutes, consumers have to add/pour hot water, stir once and snack on the delicious and healthy treat with no added colours, flavours or any preservatives.
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It's very tasty ,very quick,my children likes more
tasty and healthy
i tried it and i think the taste is okay or good but the authenticity is somewhere compromised , the taste of this product is good and it is much better than noodles , i would like to recommend this product .
Minto mai tayar apka poha
Cook easily. I tried poha pouch. But I don't like its taste. Gits cup poha Not like a homemade taste.
Tasty poha
I like guys cup poha taste . It cook easy and also healthy option for me . It very good breakfast
Maharashtrian Pride
It's always better than Maggie as is suitable for all age group n everytime same test.Its a choice amongst hostelites.
I love it
Gits Cup Poha 👍👍 When in mind Poha comes ,best option for breakfast, no need to have anything else if I see Poha around at home ,if I travel anywhere best to best is to have Poha with tea,I would recommend everyone to try once....
I am very pleased with the quality of the product. The taste of the product is good and moreover the ingredients for the cooking is also very reliable. I would like to try it more.
Paisa vasool
Full paisa vasool as in u will enjoy till last morsel... Easy to prepare. On the go breakfast.,evening snack, u r bored snack, easy to carry.
It's very easy to cook. My mother don't live with me so I cook it by myself and I love this product.
It's very testy
It's very testy I just love this ...............😍😍😍😍😍😍
We are always in a hurry, so there are chances we may skip our breakfast, so I prefer Poha most of the time and this is easy to cook pack, I loved it.
very tasty
Its tasty and time saver love it go for it guys...
it is good eat food and delious taste. gits poha is good brand.i am very happy eat the gits poha. i like this product is so good product. yes better improvements in the product. yes recommed.
I loved it
When it comes to the breakfast I'll prefer poha most of the time
Ready to eat
In day today life there is no time to make food in busy world so I prefer ready to eats meals. And this poha is delicious and carbohydrate reach product so I prefer that delicious on poha

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