4.6 5 0 50 50 It aims to eliminate all effort from conventional hair colouring process. It is the perfect solution for the busy time-pressed consumer who is seeking a convenient hair colouring ritual. Shampoo-based hair colouring is a convenient and quick way of hair colouring.
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Hair color
This is apply in less time and effectively colour tha hair without any infection. And this is amonia free so it widely not allergic to any one
My father use this product twice a month. coloring and all is good but it gives him migraine every time which depicts that the amount of chemicals is really heavy.
Godrej is branded company
Godrej is branded company ,i was using since last 4 month,easy to use
Natural Colour
One of the best natural colour shades provided by GODREJ expert team. that too colouring in just 5 mins is awesome. My favourite NATURAL BROWN is awesome one. Have once lasts for 15 - 20 hair washes. Apart from that the shine it leaves behind is incredible. Love it !
Needs improvement
It's a good hair colour for those on the go. Dries out pretty fast. But some how it leaves a slightly itchy scalp. Conditioning needs improvement. Could have bettered with more r & d. Godrej has a name to keep. Sorry to report in this review but I have changed my brand loyalty. All the best.
Problem of white hair's
My hair so white then I have used this product then I am so surprised, my hair will be fully black. My family and friends then talk about my black and silky hair. I am so happy now with my black hair
Product review
It is a good product. It colors our hair brilliantly but it effects doesn't last long.
It is very easy to use , the colour remains two weeks and the fragrance of this product was nice and it too lasts for two to three days . and the conditioner in this pack also enchances the hair glossyness
No itching , time consuming less, easily accessible
Magic from Godrej house
Really an impressive product from the house of Godrej . The most interesting part is the longevity which is best among all the products available in the market. You can expect atleast a quarter of days more than the other products for reapplication . What's more the time factor you would love to use .
Pros and Cons
It gives good colour to the hair, but it comes with its share of side effects. My eyes burn a lot during its application, and once they even swelled. The amount of Ammonia used is too high.
Color fades faster
It gives you total grey coverage and it doesn't drip. However the problem with this is that even if you wash your hair twice a week, the color fades away. It could have been good if the product stays for atleast a month
my dad's fav
actually my dad using it.. and he always says that this is best although he tried many other also but this one is his fav.
This is perfect hair colour and very convenient to use my mother-in-law using this hair colour for her hair it is long lasting and no side effects. Safe also. The packing also soon good
Intense hair colour
It helps in colouring hair intensivley. It has no added dangerous salts like ammonia etc. At the end i would say that the hair colour fades early. Unless everything is best

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