Green Protein

4 5 0 12 12 Green Protein is a completely plant-based, vegan protein beverage that allows you to incorporate protein into your diet. Aside from being delicious and nutritious, it is also free of any harmful additives and is suitable for all age groups. With just the stir of a spoon, the premium product is ready to consume, eliminating the need for blenders, shakers, and mixers. From tropical picks like Pineapple and Black Currant to Watermelon, Berry Blast, and Raw Mango, the flavors are designed to make the consumption of protein fun.
Green Protein


Super protein, Super taste.
This product is very rare to get in normal or high stores. Great in taste special for a blue barry lover's trust me you will be not be disappointed from this product,in such a low price we are getting this awesome product super tasty Super refreshing. Hope my review help you thank you.
This product Good in taste. But hard to find it in markets.
Great in taste
Its great in taste and you get fresh but very rare to get in general store
Wanna try this product. May be i ll get this in market soon.
I Want To Try This - Bcoz Its Rare In Our Market And I Cant Find This To Try .
Hi, I have not tried Green Protein. Please send me the sample will try and get back to you with feedback.
Its has very high protein and its quality is also very good
dont know just guessing . must be good as every protein
Though I haven't tried this one but have tried others such, id love to test this one, can I please get a sample?
I want to try this product.Please send a free sample for this
In this season of corona virus I want to tell you that be safe in your home and boost your immune system I want to try this product then I ll let you know about this product is it usefull or not...
I want to taste this product and and give review for it because ihave seen many people tasting it. I want to request home tester club to give me this product for testing.

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