Jiva Ayurveda A2 Ghee

5 5 0 44 44 The ghee is a source of healthy amino acids, vitamins such as B2, B12, B6, C, E and K. It also possesses Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty-acids, which are beneficial in making the brain, heart, nervous system and eyes healthier. Omega-3 and -6 have been known to reduce risk of neurological problems such as ADHD and other behavioural problems in growing children. It is also helpful in reducing blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.
Jiva Ayurveda A2 Ghee


Best ghee
Jiva has always good quality products. A2 Ghee. Is best. Ayurveda ghee. I loved this product. Thickness and pureness. Is best. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.
Good product
This product is good for health and natural product
Very nice
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This ghee is very healthy . this ghee is very testy and very preferable.
home tester
this product is really amazing and natural. Me and my family loved the taste. surely want to tey it again.
Nice one
This product was ok I like a test like cremy and smott
Nice product
Nice test , very amazing and pure and also testy, helty.. My son love this product .. ❤️
Gir cow's ghee is very healthy and I have used it and believe me it is natural and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals and is very good for heart and soft skin with a good smell
Genuine Product
The dairy product was very pure and tasty. The purity was tested personally and it was really healthy.
Its amazing its so rich in taste its thick .my mom loved it
Best Ghee
This ghee is pure nd fresh....They don’t add any preservation or any artificial ingredients in ghee. It is 100% pure & natural as you can see it from its color...... It is rich in calcium content which promises stronger.... Desi ghee Eliminate toxin from body, Boost energy level and Good for skin & hair.....
Original quality
There are many brands available in the market of ghee but this brand is not known much I don't know why this is the best and original ghee I have found I am using this ghee from a long now.
Very pure ghee..and this ghee source is vitamins and b2 and many more...good product
Good thing
It's amazing it's taste was amazing 👌👌 I use it ever
Very pure ghee..and this ghee source is vitamins and b2 and many more...good product

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