Kitkat Cheerful Break

4.7 5 0 27 27 Kitkat Cheerful Break is the delicious layer of chocolate on the outside with a crunchy wafer on the inside. It is a fruity twist to its age-old KitKat chocolate.
Kitkat Cheerful Break


Awesome Taste
Best taste in chocolate. Not just waffer like others
Crunch Munch
Great Kitkat new crunchy bars. Loved both the flavours, need small bars
Kit kat
I like this brand's variety of products. They are adding crunchy it's made a perfect test and this type of flavor I love it.....
Bring more variety please
I was able to get my hand on the limited edition - Mango flavour KitKatand since I love KitKat I decided to try it out. It tastes amazing! The top layer is a creamy mango coating and the base had a chocolate layer so the contrast in flavour leaves a burst in your mouth. Unfortunately, I have not seen the strawberry one else I would have tried it. For 30 Rs, it is worth the price since it is a flavoured one. Outside India we have different varieties of KitKat, wish they bring more such unique flavours to try out.
Bad experience
Chocolate stands better alone in terms of flavours. So it's a very bad idea to combine other flavors with it
i like its mengo flevor
Kit Kats are amazing. It's a nice balance of wafer and chocolate and there's nothing 'in your face' about it. Kit Kat Originals are quite simply a pleasant, sweet snack. Let's not forget that you can snap it in half and save the rest for later without worrying about it creating a mess.
i love kitkat .... but its a new version of kitkat full of fruits flavors
Every one's favourite
This chocolate is not only for children favourite it's also adults favourite! It's amazing snack to eat!
Childhood favorite
Kit-kat has been my all time favourite snack since my childhood. These new additions/flavours to the kit kat family is a bonus to my taste buds. My entire family loves them!
good in taste
good quality and better taste lovely taste it is also not harm for our health
Awesome test
It is the best and tasty chocolate I have tried. It's very crunchy and tastes awesome
Very crunchy
It is the best and tastiest chocolate I have tried. It's very crunchy and tastes awesome
I loved it
Nice one the Kit Kat must try product is here.I tried Kitkat cheerful break mango flavour. Its delicious with wafer inside and mango-choco layer outside. Breaking the bar is smooth as always. Seemingly not very much appealing. But taste wise its very good. It comes with aluminium foil.
Very good taste
Best chocolate with crunchy biscuit along with chocolate
Nice product..,.......,...................

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