Kurkure Out of Control Chaat

4.6 5 0 55 55 Kurkure has launched this new flavor- Out of Control Chaat. The flavor is lip-smacking and brings surprising sensations that not only generate unpredictable moments but also make everyday situations full of fun and entertainment. It offers a burst of unique sensations and unpredictable taste surprises to tantalize tastebuds and elevate the consumer experience.
Kurkure Out of Control Chaat


Its spicy ness is very nice and unbelievable
Kurkure out of control
It is ko Kurkure out of control and it is very famous in near villages towns area everywhere it is very famous. It come in many flavours. It cost is mainly you can buy it in 10 rupees 5 rupees
Crunch in brunch
Its been very long any new savior. Prefect to snack binge !! Each crunch has got the exact taste and spice level balanced.
kurkure is so testy product its flever te so testy
i tried this from local store. it taste is very good. but its not too spicy. its only for who dont like more spicy. but anyway this is awesome product my recommendation is one time if you taste it you will order it evrytime. thanks.
Spicy but not too much
When I tasted this product at staring it felt a bit spicy but not too much spicy and it smells ok over all the authentic original kurkure flavor is missing and all though its definitely worth a try.
Good product
I ate these snacks when i was a child... Yeah.. these are very good in taste..
Good taste
Ab laga MASALA? 🤩✨🔥 Kurkure hi hai harr boring situation ka solution! • • • So, Jagaao entertainment ka spark with Kurkure Games ♥️ Snack time ka boss and apka favourite, Kurkure! 😍😍 • • • Thank you @kurkuresnacks for sending me this entertainment ka spark ⚡️💝 • My SWAG is my TASTE 😁😁🔥🔥💯💯🤩🤩✨✨❤️❤️✅✅ Follow-: @sahajsabharwal & @sahajsabharwalwriting • @kurkuresnacks ke saath #ablagamasala #borenomore @geekanimals • #sahajsabharwal #jammublogger • #kurkure #snack #kurkuresnacks #masala #entertainment #travelgram #foodcoma #nomnom #love #bloggersmail #delhigram #foodlove #instafood #instagood #indianfood #food #bloggermail #foodies #foodphotography #tasty #soulfood #foodblogger #all_shots #buzzfeedfood #delhistreets #delhidiaries
Good snacks
Best snacks and it is also cheap. I liked it very much
I m loving it
Tasty , yummy , never Ever bored with This . I really love corn this combination is really good . always ready to eat one favourable.
Very chaatpata
Good and instant snack for all time. Everyone should have in free tie.
Tasty as Always
😋Kurkure never disappoint it's lover by introducing new flavours regularly. This flavour is quite different yet tasty and spicy. It was a wonderful blend of flavours. Must try. It tastes even better when eaten with your love ones. 🥰
Best product ever
Test of kurkure is really yummy. I want more kurkure . And i like most
Super yum!!
These are super tasty. You just can’t control yourself until packet finishes. Chaat flavour is now my favourite too! Always need Kurkure fan!
Impeccable Taste and Amazing Quality
It taste so good. The Quality of Kurkure is always top notch. This Chaat flavour just adds up one go to snack item in my list. Worth trying.

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