Kurkure Playz Puffcorn

4.5 5 0 53 53 Kurkure Playz Puffcorn is a tasty, light & fluffy snack with an irresistibly yummy cheese flavour, sparking fun & playful moments between children & their mothers.
Kurkure Playz Puffcorn


The underrated Snack
Pros:It is really tasty and as soon i start eating its flavour starts kicking in and melt in the mouth. It is spicy but not too much but just enough to enjoy the flavour. Cons:The smell of cheese may not be very appetizing for everyone.
New kurkure in town
Cheesy but good Not very spicy Mild hint of flavour
Taste of heaven
This product is one of a kind and i must say there's no product in the Market which can even compete. The taste of cheeze nd spices are so subtle and flavourful. A perfect crunch at first and then melts in your mouth. Overall loved it.
Mouth melting puffs
I personally am no fan of Kurkure, but honestly puffcorns have my heart. They melt soo easily as they get into one’s mouth. It doesn’t feel much oily and is soo light. I personally binge eat puffcorns for everything, that’s like my guilty pleasure. Consuming fried puffs frequently leaves many affects on one’s health, but puffcorns on the other hand are comparatively much much healthier than the regular fried chip. I’m sure if you taste it once, you’ll definitely love it, especially for someone who like that quick melt in puffs.
This is very yummy... the cheese flavor really comes through...
Puff corn
It’s a light and airy puffcorn that is filled with flavour amd melts in your mouth. And definitely healthier than the other available in the market.
Kurkure playz puffcorn
Kurkure Playz Puffcorn is a snack product made by the Indian brand Kurkure. The snack consists of light and airy puffcorn that is flavored with a combination of spices, including tomato, chili, and cheese.Compared to some other snack options, Kurkure Playz Puffcorn is considered to be a relatively healthier snack due to its lower calorie and fat content.
Liked the taste of the product, and usually finish the packet in one go.
Great snacks for kids
All my younger siblings love this product it was just so tasty that they couldn't stop licking their fingers.this is a sweet masala filled savoury soft yet crunchy product i personally loved it ,it's so great for families to sit together and eat and chat a surely wonderful product
My kids favourite
This is my kids favourite evening snack..they absolutely love the cheesy taste and we buy it quite often at our house .. it's a snack that all ages will enjoy.
The Cheesy Corn
The snack just melts in your mouth and very tasty. The corn and cheese are blended in such a way that it tastes so smooth
One of my favourite Indian snack
This is one of the oldest brand which I and you can trust. They never compromise in their ingredients and taste. It has burst flavour.
yummy tummy
kurkure plays puff form is too yummy that ur tummy is filled with cheeze corn taste.it has nice texture n tasty and healthy. Really enjoyed as snacks.
Yummy, must try for cheese&popcorn lover
Tastes amazing! just like the previous Puffcorns did. The seasoning is cool. Melts in your mouth. Perfect introduction by Kurkure.
Good stuff
The taste is alright, packet is more than half full unlike Lay's, good choice for a light snack, healthy too, would recommend over most other chips

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