Lay’s Herby Crush & Cheesy Love

4.1 5 0 54 54 Lay’s has introduced Herby Crush and Cheesy Love flavours by adding its own unique twist to both the flavours. Combining a widely loved palette with its flavour expertise, Lay’s aims to make the two new variants a #YeWaalaYaadRahega experience for fans across the country. A light herby flavour made irresistible by a dash of garlic and cheesy flavour you crave for. From the everyday snack to the impromptu get-togethers, lay's chips are the perfect addition to any occasion. It is 100% vegetarian product and made with potatoes and tasty ingredients.
Lay’s Herby Crush & Cheesy Love


I love lays. I eat it quite often. Recently I tried the hereby and cheesy lays flavour. I liked the taste. It was very nice. I anyway love anything that has cheese in it . I would like to eat more and more.
It is fine!
It is an okay product. The flavour is different and so worth a try but not a complete favorite. I like that it is unique and nothing like I have ever tasted before . It is not for everybody but you should try it
good but high price
lays always made tasty and crunchy chips but their price s quite high
Not spicy!!
My whole family loves spicy flavour it is not much spicy. Super crunch, delicious flavour the richness and good mix of cheese and ingredients, perfectly packed,I appreciate the flavours and innovation lays is doing with new products where at the same time it also maintains hygeine ,lays shape and size is normal. So for small hunger go with lays!! But if you are spice lover you may not love it much. Thankyou
goodness of herbs
i did not like it personally but cant say about everyone
Lays hereby crush
Nice product , As lays always do innovative flavours and nice ideas.
If you're a spicy kinda person, a big no from me to this. Tastes average unlike the other amazing flavor of Lays. Herb not found at all, just cheese scented slightly, smaller 5rs packs with little quantities.
No Herb, Only Cheese
The cheese flavor is good, but combining it with the herby flavor would make it go out of market soon
Nice combination
Amazing test i like it. The combination of the flavour is too good . It's really nice
Must try
Very good in taste.. Must try it.. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Loving this product
For many years I am eating different lays flavours and recently I have tried this product from lays. I am simply loving the flavour and it tastes amazing. This is the perfect snack for munching in the evening.
It very good product for snacks
Its looks good in packing and taste is awesome....
Nice It is a good product it is made up of nice potatoes
Herby crush
Potato chips are an on-the-go snack option. Whether it’s a road trip or a homemade burger night, potato chips add the crunchy element. Lays potato chips are one of the oldest competitors in the packaged snacks field.Lay’s Cheesy Love and Lay’s Herby Crush Flavor with dash of garlic is the latest entrants to bring a delicious twist of flavors
My family recommend this
This the best snacks product provide by the delicious test of India

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