4.7 5 0 22 22 Containing your favourite masala taste, Maggi noodles are made with the finest quality spices and ingredients. Make your bowl of Maggi even better by chopping up some vegetables, dropping in an egg or throwing in your favourite ingredients.
Maggi 2-Minute Instant Noodles Desi Cheesy Masala Pouch
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Amazing taste
It's taste is amazing.It is taste like white sauce pasta. So I recommend all should try this product.
Best product
It's a new flavor of maggi noodles. It's very yummy. I like it's cheesy flavor. Love it.
yummy yummy
i just loved the Desi cheesy maggiee, it's so yummy. waiting for more... :)
Yummy taste in 2 mins
Taste is very good...and it will be loved by cheese lovers. Fragrance is mouthwatering. Children may also like it as it is not spicy. One should definitely try this cheese maggi
Nice quality food
Hello guys..I want to try this food again and again.. it's really Very good product.. quality is excellent..test is great and children like this soo much..so just tray it..
Cheese + maggi 😍
Herb levels a bit too strong for the Indian palate in my opinion. The spices may come off as a bit strong, but if you have sweet corn lying around, you can add them to add a bit of sweetness and balance out the taste. The sauce is not as creamy as some of the cheese pastas. Over-all, its a good option to change up the routine, specially if you have sweet corn at home. For daily use, without sweet corn, not so sur
Chessy Juicy
Its a new taste of Maggie, taste is like white sauce pasta dish, one should definitely try this.
Waited so long for different flavours, finally got to eat different flavour it was good. Am satisfied 😉
Who doesn't love maggi... Who doesn't love cheese.. U get both it's great...
I like to try new flavors of Maggi and the new cheesy Maggi flavor is awesome. It just melts in the mouth and tastes yummmmm...
Mind-blowing teas.
this Maggie noodle pouch is one of its kind.it's desi cheesy masala is mouth watering.the noodles are non sticky and gives exotic taste while eating.it is fantastically taste.
Super as always !!
I have started liking the atta noodles more then the plain noodles. The taste is good with benefits of wheat. The cheesy flavor is quite yummy.
Cheesy maggie
If you love cheese nad Maggie combo literary buy it it's genuine guys like so tasty
Good for children for 6 to 14 years. Just2 minutes and then food is ready to eat
Yummy and very tasty
The product is good different taste everyone must try atleast once

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