4.5 5 0 19 19 Chilli Oregano is infused with the natural extracts of hot chilli and delectable oregano, which acts as a perfect partner to your salads and pastas. The Cinnamon-infused oil is similarly infused with the natural extract of cinnamon and can be used in baking or as a top-up on shakes and smoothies. Infused with the natural extracts of curry leaves and coriander, the Curry Coriander oils is best used to cook Indian dishes for an earthy aroma and palatable taste. Available at at leading retail stores such as Godrej Nature’s Basket and TESCO across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. It is also available online on Amazon and Flipkart.
Marico’s Coco Soul Natural-Infused Oil (Chilli Oregano Curry Coriander and Cinnamon)
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Good oil
This oil good for all type hair and usu regulararly
Good health
Fine and very better for good HEALTH Price wise better and available in all parts of India
Superb oil very usefull your fan is better runnunhrjdbdhdjdbhddusisbvshs
Good product
got it twice through online for my two daughters hair nourishment. They seems to love using it because of its non stickiness & mild reference.
I tried this. The taste is good but it is very costly. Cooking purpose also we can use this. Aroma of the oil really good. If the price is less then every one can afford it
Very good product... very nice taste... awesome packaging
Purchased online very nice and strong coconut fragrance
Good product which contain strong coconut fragrance and very good for skin and even for kids and it is very good for kids massage even
Marico’s Coco Soul Natural-Infused Oil
The Coco Soul Infused Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil – Chilli Oregano is naturally infused with the extract of hot chilli and delectable ... The Cinnamon variant is similarly infused with the extract of cinnamon and ... Infused with the natural extract of curry leaves and coriander, the Curry Coriander variant is ...
it's amazing
It's very light oil.. It's amazing oil and very pure and natural oils I like it.. In daily use I like it so much so I will purchase this oil only in my family and frnds and me also
100% प्राकृतिक ठंड दबाया हुआ कुंवारी नारियल तेल
कोको आत्मा मिर्च और अजवायन की पत्ती 100% प्राकृतिक ठंड दबाया हुआ कुंवारी नारियल तेल गर्म लाल मिर्च और मनोरम अजवायन के फूल के साथ प्रयोग किया जाता है। सेलिब्रिटी शेफ कुणाल कपूर द्वारा ध्यान से परिकल्पित और कुशलता से क्यूरेट किया गया यह तेल एक मसालेदार सुगंध और तीव्र स्वाद देता है। कोको आत्मा करी और धनिया आसव 60% तक स्वाभाविक रूप से होने वाली मध्यम श्रृंखला ट्राइग्लिसराइड्स (एमसीटी) है जो त्वरित ऊर्जा रिलीज के लिए तेजी से पचता है; वजन प्रबंधन में मदद। कुंवारी नारियल तेल में MCTs ketones कि अनुभूति का समर्थन में टूट।
This product is very useful
I think it is a good product because it doesn't contains any type of chemicals ,and this is completely agurvedic and good for muscles and growth of hairs and to be strong the head so, kindly give me this oilas a real experience Q & A Similar products Reviews Q & A
Coco squl
This product is sliky my hair long time and long hair me hair shining long time
I want to try this oregano oil while cooking pasta and pizza
Could you send me a sample of this healthy oil for trial and review.
I have not tried this product yet. But heart many positive things about. And i really wanted to try this out. So please send me this product i'll use it and share my honest review about this product.

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