4 5 0 3 3 As the demand for hand hygiene essentials reaches its peak, Marico has forayed into this category under its long-standing brand, Mediker, a 50-year-old brand with strong niche equity in the protection space. These hand sanitizer packs have 70% v/v alcohol content that is sufficient to kill 99.9% germs without water, ensuring effective protection on-the-go from disease-causing germs. It is one of our quickest launches, brought to the forefront in record-time, to address the surging consumer demand given the current pandemic.
Mediker Hand Sanitizer
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Not good,but not waste.
There are many sanitizer in market . This one is feel very cheap one. Fragrance is not good and build quality is also ok ok
I use this product, this time to keep hygiene, and social distancing.
Best Cleanind Sanitizer
The Mediker Hand Sanitizer is one of best Hand Sanitizer . This Hand sanitizer is a liquid or may be a gel which kills the microorganisms. This Hand sanitizers which is alcohol based are more effective in killing different microorganisms than the nonalcohol based sanitizers. Alcohol based sanitizers contains alcohols like ethanol, iso propyl alcohol etc. Hand Sanitizers which contain 60% to 95% alcohol are more effective in killing the variety of microorganisms why because from the ancient times we know that alcohol has been used as antiseptic.
Would like to try this product. Kindly send me a sample for trial
Hi, As I told you I am not going to say No to any brand of Hand sanitizer. I have not tried Mediker Hand Sanitizer. Please send me the sample will try and provide feedback.

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