4.6 5 0 180 180 The Spearmint Polo from Nestle is the sometimes neglected younger brother of the much loved mint polo. These somewhat rare mints are an acquired taste.
Nestle Polo Spearmint
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These are amazing to refresh and takes sweet and minty. Must try!
Best product by polo
I eat this product daily this make me refresh everyday whenever I feel boar or sleepy I eat this
Polo is one of the best mouth refresher it is the best
good one
polo takes me to my childhood memories, because we used to put polo as ring in fingers. The flavour of mint gives a freshness to mouth .It is available at an affordable rate.
Value for money
Easy to share with friends and childhood fav. Give you a fresh feeling.
Best product
It's very good product and value of money. It's minty flavor is awesome. I really love this minty candy from my childhood.
Value For Money Pack
POLO mint can prevent any bad breath and keeps you fresh all for long hours and it has good taste too
I am loving to have these
I love have these from my childhood they are tasty and also good for our mouth it makes mouth fresh so I am suggesting you to have this in your life for one time. I am having this everyday
One of the things I grew up with. Many uses.. Don't love the change in packaging but it works best. It's
Best mint flavour ever
I really love polo i apways keep it in my pocket and it keeps my mouth always refreshing and helps me out with bad smells.
It will always make you fresh whenever you will it eat. It is highly highly recommend. Guys plz go for it. You will never regret. 😊😊😊
It is cool
I am a boy 11 year old when I was small I eat it so much and I 😍 like it too much it is a candy or we can call mouth cooler it is an awesome product every child should ear it I like it so much
Best mouth refreshing candy
Good quality candy. Value for money. I have been having polo since i was a kid. Still In love with it. I also love how they come in tiny packages too. I dont think there is anyone who haven’t tried polo yet.
Polo Spearmint has a fresh and strong .
Polo Spearmint has a fresh and strong .The mint with the hole.Quality product.
Best Product.
This is a very good product, We have tested many similar products but this a worth price product.

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