New Tide Plus

4.2 5 0 42 42 Tide Plus Extra Power has the inbuilt power of bar and a superior product formulation that ensures brilliant whiteness. Available in three pleasing fragrances - Jasmine & Rose, Lemon & Mint, or Talcum Freshness.
New Tide Plus


very useful
its good detergent powder .its also washing powder .its famous and cleansing action is great with good result . Its wash every type cloths like linen, nylon , fabric , silk, jeans etc. I am use this detergent daily and its not harmful for human body. Its fully secure for products for human body . Its packing is good and its company make good detergent in low price .Its easy to use and its good product we are fully happy with this detergent. Its fully value for money and time .
Awesome smell
I am really impressed with the smell of this product, because it gives the clothes a nice fragrance and freshness .The product is available in a reasonable price too so anybody can buy this.
Its a very useful product for clothes and the fragrance is also very nice. And now it is new and better
Benefit of this product
This product are very amazing because this washing powder is give shine in clothes and not side effect in clothes I use this product
Hi, i have been using tide since almost 8+ years. I would say it's good but so great. As they show in add that it works good on white colour clothes and wipes off stain marks on collar nothing like that. If you want to remove collar and cuffs stain then you got to use cloth brush without which it's impossible to get clean clothes. In that case any detergent you use you will have to use clothe brush to clean both collar and cuffs.
Good product..
Hyjenic ..dust removable .. Good ...super product and smell also good..lang lasting fragrance.
Must try
This product is really good especially the washing quality is far better compared to other powders I enjoy washing clothes with this powder,smells really awesome,I would recommend this to others, thanks.
Very Good
Very good product from Tide with a good flower of jasmine and rose with a good quality.
safedi ki chmkar
it is a good product for washing clothes i am happy to use it
i have used this product. nice smell, worth for price and very good and get rid of stains
i use this product regularly.nice fragrance, worth for price and very good for machine wash
ok product
smells good....cleans well...price is reasonable...some uncomfortable when it comes to my palms..since i have sensitive skin....
Awesome product , nice fragrance , clean clothes eaisly
Very nice product.
I am using this detergent from 1 is very very nice fragrance is flowery. white clothes after washing gets more removes stains also.
Tide plus clean and fresh
It is very nice product. I have used tide plus prevously also and this is equally good to use It removes dirt and stains without affecting colours Uses less water Has a nice and lingering perfume which keeps the clothes smelling nice and flowery

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