4.6 5 0 40 40 Kick-off your day with real freshness using the Nivea Men Deep Impact deodorant. Its effective formula, with black carbon, keeps you feeling fresh all day long, and thanks to its long-lasting freshness, this deodorant creates a deep impact. • Its woody masculine fragrance keeps you prepared to make a deep impact in your every move • Thanks to its anti-bacterial formula, this deodorant effectively helps tackle body odour • This deodorant contains 0% alcohol, which ensures that it doesn't cause any irritation to your underarm
Nivea Men Deep Impact Freshness Deodorant Spray - For Men
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Refreshing indeed
When i started i didnt believe it can work as well as it does, its quite refreshing and after a bath when u applies it u can smell it entire day, Thumbsup from my side
The product is good
Nivea products are good. and i have used many products of deodrant buy nivea feels me fresh. I would Love to review it on my instagram account where my followers will excited to buy this product
owesome frekvence
nice prodect in deodrand every i used in life really good.
Mai favour
My favourite product use this product I will enjoy this product
This product is nice,,,
I use this product for a long time and this is the best product over all,,, so this is best,,,
Strong fresh fragrance but doesn't last that long
I have used the product and absolutely loved the fragrance. But the only problem is that it doesn't stay that long as claimed. I use it twice a day instead of once. I would love to see a small quantity of the same.. So that i can carry it along in my bag.
nice deo
good morning every one and namaste this lakshmi from visakhapatnam , my hobby used this product very cool and nice and best price for use it thank you
Amazing frag
This one is really amazing, used this one but not a regular Nivea fan, but I likes this one
This product is very nice.Everyone should try this product.Smell is too good.
Nivea Men Deodorant
Last time when I picked up this deo I was really surprised that what was stored in this deo.This deo is very powerful and its freshness is there till end of the day.Luckily there is no gas in it and lasts long.End to sweat and bad smell when using this product.
Very very nice product nivea body spray
Very very nice product nivea body spray i m using 2 yours
Superb deo for men
Thats fragrance is really superb and all day in like feeling fresh ...nivea deo is superb
Totally is good product, very refreshing in product super
I have not used this product till now . But my friends are using this product and I have heard sometimes about this product . although this is a good product . So please share a sample with me I will send you feedback . Thanks
This product is best ever I have no words to say this awesome perfume you should buy it this is last 48 hours longer and I want to test it because I have to check it ones hope so you can give mr....

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