5 5 0 48 48 Nouriza Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter is your new go-to healthy fats as it is enriched with the goodness of VMO (Vitamins, Minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids). This peanut butter spread help you add fun to your everyday meals and helps you live a healthier lifestyle.
Nouriza Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread
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Good for taste
Good for health taste and for best easy to spread for bread etc and made a day these product for morning I have highly recommend these product for lazy people is for best product is good for made up for original Constensiy
Perfect blend
A super blend of rich dark chocolate and peanut butter got more powerful with added vitamins and minerals- making nouriza dark chocolate peanut butter healthier than ever. All will love these.
I have already bought one pair with this. This peanut butter is really a good choice to make. Flavour of this product is very good. As it is very easy to spread on bread so making morning sandwich is very easy. Being dark chocolate it already catchers all the attention but Sone pe suhaga is rich protein content. I really love the product and it is value for money.
The best tasting chocolate, u can ever have, the chocolate melts in your mouth, and it's sweet and bitter at the same time, and it is not that pricey, definately recommend this product.
This nourzia dark chocolate peanut butter sprad is just having a great taste and fun I recommend it to go for it nice taste eat with bread and also thanks for giving me the opportunity to review the product
Very good in taste
Peanut butter,very good quality.highly recommended!!!
Yumm yumm in tumm tumm
We always used dark chocolate for making cake and pastries...... U know eating dark chocolate in morning help in weight loose and it increases concentration power bu we have to use right chocolate for consumption and I think it's best dark chocolate with good taste
Wow great butter original thick smells good yummy like it have it great product try it tastes better
Perfect taste
Perfect taste- not too creamy, not too sweet, just perfect.
Fantastic product I have ever seen..so nice..I use it regularly now
Softest chocklet i ever tasted
I love this chocklet I always give this chocklet to my friends and relatives All of them liked that a lof My suggestion is than only try at once i bet you will buy again and again Also this is value for money
So tasty
he doesn't want to have milk, or cornflakes for breakfast, when he just wouldn't eat the roti you made and hates dal this could be a healthier version of chocolate peanut spread for your kid and the parents put it on the cornflakes and pour it in the milk and mix thoroughly, spread it on pancakes and chapatti and you have got an award-winning meal. Very tasty with dark chocolate and peanuts making it better and healthier than other spreads.
Wonderful chocolate
It is the favorite chocolate it's taste is very good I like that chocolate s car much
I love u
I can say best ever i have treid very good inntaste
I like it .
Yeee Dil mange mor . I love it very much . So friends try it .

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