5 5 0 3 3 Active Heart Bread is fully loaded with the goodness of sunflower and pumpkin seeds which are packed with vitamins and Omega-6 and mono unsaturated fats. The seeds in this bread help one battle bad cholesterol, prevent hypertension and keep heart healthy.
Nu Health Active Heart Bread
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Brown bread is really good
I love brown bread. Really healthy and quick option to make sandwich. I always make layered sandwich for my busy days. I would definitely recommenthis bread which is a healthier option
Brown bread
It's is very good for hralth so you can trie this as your breakfast
Will definitely Buy this from Now on
Liked the brown bread very well. We enjoyed it with our family. It tastes smooth and fresh. Overall good experience in bringing this to our grocery list.
This is a new brand. I would like to try it and give honest review. Please send me a sample. I usually eat whole wheat bread as i am health concious.
I WANT TO TRY THIS PRODUCT ............................
It's confusing calcium with protein wheat grain also boost you every level.
Don't search for Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds anymore. Available always in the breakfast, my cardio companion Nu Health Brown bread. The Omega 6 - Nu Health Brown bread which takes care of Heart.
In starting i rejected this product but one day my friend advice me to eat it. Truly i say it was very testy like Patanjali chocolates and i always try when i see this in shops.
Hi, I have not tried Nu Health Active Heart Bread. Please send me the sample will try and provide feedback.
Would like to try this new bread with gud health benefits so need sample for the same.

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