O3+ Plunge Body Wash Shower Gel

4.9 5 0 58 58 Plunge's iconic 100% vegan and cruelty-free formula is used in this body wash for betterment. It perfectly cleanses, moisturizes and revitalizes skin. The refreshing notes of sweet lemon and mint makes it more exciting. Your skin will be soft, clean, and refreshing also
O3+ Plunge Body Wash Shower Gel


Good prouduct for skin
Must try all these prouduct so are very benift these for prouduct is good for skin health must try in winter ❄⛄ session is good for skin
Must buy
🤩Very good product. Must try.it Is very much mild for your skin especially in winter and everybody can use it
Very good product. Must try.it Is very much mild for your skin especially in winter and everybody can use it.so..I am glad to say you about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mind blowing fragrance
A very good smell that refreshs your whole body. The texture was very very nice. I continue used this product since long and the effects are truly good, skin looks so soft and nicer.
home tester
This product is very mild on our skin. I loved its fragrance.I will recommend it to my friends surely.
I think it's the best bodywash for all. You should try this once, it has amazing fragrance and gentle to skin.
Cool!! Just loved this product
I love using it because it lathers very good and smells very nice and provides a clean skin and ofcourse is mild in nature and is not harsh on any skin type and it's juicy smell make it more good
This is an amazing product I really liked this product after using this my skin was very soft and silky 😘
It Smell's amazing and makes your skin soft❤ I recommend every one to please do try its an excellent product
This body wash is really good and gentle. Doesn't dry out the skim which i think is very important . I loved it!!
Although this is a body wash But I used it and it literally makes my skin very soft. The best part is it consists of smooth which is very good for the skin. I like this product very much.
Plunge body wash shower
Plunge body wash is such a body wash which gives a very fruity smell and very good and gentle over the skin
Body wash
I think it is a best body wash I am think that this is a so great to use the body wash I feel softness in my skin and the product is very great try this product and enjoy the softness in your skin thank you 😘😘❤️😘❤️😊👌
worth buying
best product ever..earlier i was using soaps. but after using this i feel so fresh and cool with the good mood whole day.

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