4.4 5 0 12 12 OZiva, India’s leading clean-label active nutrition brand, released Matcha Plus, India’s first green tea packed with a healthy blend of organic Japanese matcha, licorice, activated charcoal and ginger root, designed to improve skin health by controlling skin pigmentation, dark circles and dullness.
OZiva Matcha Plus green tea
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Oziva rivew
Every women should take it, it has all kinds of protein minerals x x x factor. It makes our skin and hair both very good
Awesome product
OZiva Matcha Plus green tea is one of the best green tea I had. It helps my body metabolism to function better allowing proper physiological process in my body.
fantastic product
the best combination with the taste of green tea. taste is good vegetarian and plant based product . i am using it from quite some time it will also aid in good skin as well as weightloss in longer run .
Tea was good
The tea was good , its tase was fabulous 👍👌 quality was good
Awesome product
Nice product.its helps to weight loss.its feels energised. Specially Oziva product is awesome only...I recommend my friends also and worth to buy I'm happy with the product 🥰🥰
Amazing product
Good quality products i suggest to use the product
For weight loss
I have used this product for some months now. Got it on Amazon. It helps in weight loss specially which i have noticed. Keeps you energized for the whole day. Although it doesn't taste good. Worth the price
Hey I want to try this green tea, please send me it's sample
I haven't tried it. Wanna try it. Please send me this.
weight loss is the most common concern now a days so I have Google which green tea is best for weight loss and I have found out that matcha green tea is best and then I bought oziva matcha green tea and it's been five months since using with strict diets and I have loosed 4 kg😍😍
Hi, i have not tried this green tea. Please send me the sample will try and provide feedback.
My friends told its good. I am using other products till now, I would like to try this product.

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