Palmolive Naturals Hand Wash

4.4 5 0 104 104 Palmolive Naturals Hand Wash contains Sea Salt of 100% natural origin, the liquid hand wash is effective yet gentle on hands. The special formula of this hand wash pampers hands with every wash and delights senses with its unique fragrance.
Palmolive Naturals Hand Wash


Palmolive hand wash
Palmolive has always lived up to its expectations. The hand wash smells exactly like sea. It's colour can be changed to sea blue. Also the bottle should be shaped to fix in palms, so that it is easy to carry. Also one suggestion to the company to launch the hand wash bottles in mini sizes for travel purpose.
I need .and i like palmolive hand wash
S ..i need ur sample palmolive hand wash .my family members are liked very much
Pamolive hand wasg
I love this mild soft fragrance my hands have after using this pamolive hand-wash..a small drop forms enough lather n is easily washed off..
too good
it works according to the title(deep cleansing), better than many other in market...smells is ok..
good product
have bought this product recently and its amazing product and smells good.
It is really very refreshing n very good product at this price . Also helps to get cleaned up easily .n aromatically.👍
It's a great product
I have recently used this hand-wash. Its quite different from other hand-wash available in the market. It's not flowery or pinch your nostrils, it's very mild in fragrance. I basically bought it just for the shape of the bottle, but when I tried, it was more than what I have paid for. I am still using this hand-wash. I totally recommend it. You should try it.
Best handwash from the Trusted Brand
This handwash is one of the best handwash in the market. Fragrance is good. It doesn't make hands dry like any other brands. It's safe for all and for kids too.
Soft hands with awesome fragrance
The container is appealing. It is available in different flavors. It leaves you with soft moisturizing hands and the fragrance is very good not too sweet . But it is not soo efficient in removing oils and extra dirt in the first wash
One of the best handwashes in the market!
I've tried Palmolive Naturals and it's quite popular in gulf countries. Now that it's come to the Indian market it's sure to make it's mark by its refreshing fragrance and soothing to the skin. Unlike many other handwashes products it leaves your skin soft after wash. However I'm sure it would be in top competition if the prices were subsidised for the Indian consumers.
Excellent choice
If you are looking for a fragrance that is not tutty fruity...or flowery type but reminds you of the sea....then go for this product.
Tried it
I tried this product which actually leaves your hand soft and smooth also skin friendly
Satisfied not happy
The product wasn't as per the others in the same market but helped me get through the task
Best hand 🖐️ wash product
Clean up and smell like good wash like a cold feeling like slide used to
Love the Aroma
I love the smell of the product. And its easy to wash off, even with hard water. I have been using this since 12 years.

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