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Pepsodent Salt And Clove
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Cleaner teeth.
I used this toothpaste past week and I felt the difference as I had small pain in my tooth it's clove ingredient made me feel good with fresh breath I would recommend to others to have a try.
salt is used for cleaning the teeth/ mouth from long decades.it is now introduced in the pepsodent, i feel it is very useful for cleaning the teeth/ mouth
The toothpaste is good for sensitive teeth. It gives a slight tingling sensation at first but u get used to it with repeated usage. teh clove is antiseptic.
Have tried it and love this product ..I feel very good when i use it in the morning ??
??ATTENTION ?? Please don't use PEPSODENT's new clove & salt toothpaste. We used for a week and lost the normal mucous membrane of our oral cavity and tongue. Entire mouth is burning especially the tongue????. PEPSODENT has to review the contents of the paste and see what is causing this adverse effects.
Pepsodent salt and clove is amazing product.I use it and it really works. .Fights all teeth problems and protect cavity
After i started using Pepsodent Salt & Clove, i feel a new refreshing energy in my mouth all day. Also my gums problem got rectified bcoz of its salt & clove's amazing mixture of medicinal qualities. If i have to suggest someone who wants healthy teeth & gums, i would strongly recommend Pepsodent Salt & Clove toothpaste.
Have tried it and love this product ..I feel very good when i use it in the morning ??
I found this product a superbone giving benefits of both cloves as well as salt. Clove is very effective in removal of bad odour and salt gives brightness to teeth. Its taste is good and lasts longer. I suggest its use for those persons who has bad odour in their mouth.
good and have better feeling of clove and salt taste but his effectiveness was not seen because i using it from last one month due to toothache . but didn't get better relief
Yes, this product has been used by me. Its very good and effective for teeth and gums. The taste of clove makes the complete mouth feel fresh and clean and takes care of hygiene too.
This Pepsodent is very effective & good. Generally clove is good for teeth & it cures sour throat too. Morning throat problems are reduced because of brushing using this effective paste. Salt actually cleans the teeth & give a shiny look. Superb & effective combination..:)
I am using pepsodent for the past years because it is so effective.but i havn't tried their new product pepsodent salt.let me check it pls send samples so i can go through the magic of pepsodent.
I would surely like to try it for sure as it is clove and salt flavour. and review it.
yes i know this trade name - but not try this product - already i am using very oldest herbal brand - any way please send sample - i will try this

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